Las Vegas: West Coast Wrap-Up

The two tournaments in Las Vegas this past weekend were a little short on elite talent. However, there were still number of D1 prospects in attendance, including such players as D.J. Seeley, James Rahon and Reggie Jackson, among others...

The last weekend of the April evaluation period in Las Vegas was a little disappointing, as the level of talent was down a bit. It seemed like the attitude of many kids was that the previous weekend in Houston was the big event of the month and, as a result, a few of the top players stayed home. There were still, however, a number of prospects in attendance at the two Las Vegas tournaments. Here's our latest evaluation on some of the playere we watched over the weekend.

DJ Seeley, 6-3 JR SG Modesto (Calif.) Modesto Chrisitian. Seeley has the body, athleticism and skill level to be a high major prospect. He's very effective at the offensive end of the court. He's got a solid stroke to the stripe, but he's also very capable of creating his own shot off the drive. He's an above average athlete, with good quickness and leaping ability. He does need to work on his defensive intensity and focus, but that's not unusual. He's a little more mature than your average junior and he takes advantage of that physical maturity against younger players. That does make it a little more difficult to gauge him as a prospect when he goes up against other mature players in college. But there's no question he's a high major prospect and he has a chance to end up among the top wings in his class.

James Rahon, 6-2 JR SG Encinitas (Calif.) Torrey Pines. Rahon shot the ball extremely well all weekend, as he made jumper after jumper. The impressive thing was that he was equally accurate off the bounce or catch. He's very good at squaring up on the move and he only needs a little space due to his quick release. The last time I remember a prospect shooting the ball this well over a weekend it was when Salim Stoudamire went off at a tournament at Cal State Dominguez Hills. That's not to say that Rahon will end up as good as Stoudamire. Rahon isn't especially quick – although he can be deceptive at times – and his body is just average. His defense needs a lot of work, as he took several plays off at that end of the court. But his offensive abilities are considerable and he showed that he's not just a shooter. He can score off the drive and also demonstrated a pretty good mid-range game. Rahon generated considerable interest among coaches with his play this weekend and he'll likely have multiple high majors expressing interest.

Reggie Jackson, 6-2 JR SG Colorado Springs (Col.) Palmer. Jackson was very impressive in the two games we saw him play on Sunday. An explosive athlete, Jackson is a very lean and rangy prospect. He showed the ability to create his own shot off the drive, as well as deep range. He didn't really shoot a "true" jumpshot, but his stroke is fine. He's a good, not great, ball-handler. We didn't see much from him in the way of passing the ball, but there's no question he's a proficient scorer. We want to watch him some more, but he appears to have high major potential.

Dallas Elmore, 6-4 JR SG/SF Fort Collins (Col.) Poudre. Elmore plays with Jackson on the Colorado Select team and he's another impressive athlete who can finish strong at the rim. He's bigger and stronger than Jackson, but gets up very well himself. He's more wing than guard, though, and his ball skills aren't as good as Jackson's. However, Elmore is well put together and he too can shoot it to the stripe. He looks to be somewhere in the mid to high major range as a prospect.

Tim Williams, 6-8 JR C Antioch (Calif.) High. Williams is a good-looking young post prospect. He's got a terrific body and he's a pretty good athlete. He's got long arm and very good shoulders. He's still a bit raw in terms of his offensive development, but he's got the physical traits to be a high major player. If he works hard – and it seems like a good bet since he carries a 3.6 GPA – then he'll have a very good chance of ending up a high major player.

Paul George, 6-7 JR PF/SF Palmdale (Calif.) High. George was impressive in the one game we saw him play Sunday. He's got a good body, he's above average athlete and he showed solid ball skills. He's got a nice stroke to 18-19 feet and he generally made good decisions. He didn't force the action and looked to have a pretty good feel. We want to watch him some more, but he looks like a possible mid to high major guy.

Trevor Noonan, 6-7 JR PF Broomfield (Col.) Legacy. Noonan is a bit narrow through the shoulders, but he gets up easy and moves well. He's got very deep range on his shot and he also had several nice passes. Another guy who figures to be in the mid to high major range.

Trey Eckloff, 6-9 JR PF/C Englewood (Col.) Cherry Creek. Eckloff has a decent body, but he should fill out pretty well. He's just a fair athlete – not real quick off the floor – but his stroke is above average. He's got very good range and he knocked down several threes in the two games Sunday. He will likely get recruited at the mid major level.

Klay Thompson, 6-4 JR SG Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.) Santa Margarita. Thompson has a pretty high skill level. He handles the ball well for a wing and he's got a good shot to the stripe. Where Thompson needs to improve is in the areas of intensity, defensive effort and physicality. He can sometimes drift on the court and he needs to do a better job of staying focused. He's a pretty good athlete, but his body is not yet mature. He needs to get stronger. When that happens, he might feel more comfortable being physical and mixing it up inside. In any event, he's an intriguing prospect. He's definitely interesting at the mid major level and he might have a chance to go higher with continued development.

Austin Smith, 6-8 JR PF/C Tucson (Ariz.) Mountain View. Smith has a good frame, he's moves pretty well and he showed a nice touch to 17-18 feet. We didn't see him do much inside and we'd like to watch him some more to see if he can play inside against size. But he looks to be an intriging prospect, with a chance to maybe play at the low to mid major level.

Tim Harris, 6-3 SO SG San Jose (Calif.) Valley Christian. We only saw Harris briefly over the weekend, but he looks to be on track to be a potential high major player. He's got a very good body, with long arms, and he's a pretty good athlete. He's more of a scorer than pure shooter, but he can knock down jumpers to the 18-19 foot range. He's still got a long way to go before he's a lock as a high major, but the potential is certainly there.

Colin Borchert, 6-7 SO PF Glendale (Ariz.) Mountain Ridge. Borchert has been one of the top post prospects in the West Coast 2009 class for a couple years, but his progress as a prospect has stalled somewhat lately. He's got a pretty good frame, but he's just a decent athlete. He's not real quick or explosive. Previously, he did a pretty good job banging and being physical in the paint, but he now tends to drift to the perimeter. His overall skill level is just fair at this time. His outside shot is very inconsistent – he's not shooting it as well from the stripe as he did last year and his shot selection has been poor this month.. His fundamentals need a lot of work. He constantly gets called for traveling and has a lot of careless turnovers. He's got pretty good feet and he should be effective in the paint. He needs to get back inside and be presence in the key if he is to end up a high major recruit.

Roberto Nelson, 6-3 SO SG Santa Barbara (Calif.) High. Nelson is an above-average athlete who is best when attacking the rim. His outside shot is just decent at this time, but he is effective slashing off the wing. His feel for the game needs work, though, as does his defensive effort. He's a pretty good ball-handler for a two-guard, but he's just a fair passer at this time. Overall, Nelson has some intriuging aspects to his game, but needs to show improvement in his effort/focus/intensity. He figures to get a lot of attention at the mid to high major level.

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