Beas Hamga: Class of 2007?

Beas Hamga has been long considered a Class of 2008 prospect - until recently. Now the 6-foot-11 Cameroon native, who spent this past season at Decatur Christian (Ill.) and already has a qualifying test score, will try and graduate early and enroll somewhere in the fall. His first visit comes this weekend.

Coaches are scouring the country looking for unsigned senior big men. Well, one just appeared.

Decatur Christian (Ill.) 6-foot-11 athletic big man Beas Hamga already has a qualifying test score and is on the verge of going from the Class of 2008 to the Class of 2007.

``It looks like I'm going to be eligible to play in the fall," said Hamga, a one-time Iowa commitment who opened his recruitment after Steve Alford left for New Mexico. "I'm working hard right now so I can graduate."

Hamga said he plans to visit UNLV this weekend and then will evaluate the situation before deciding whether to visit Kentucky, Indiana and New Mexico.

``I will see when I come back," Hamga said. "I don't know yet."

Hamga was put into the Class of 2008 shortly after arriving in the United States from Cameroon to give him another year to develop – both physically and emotionally.

However, Hamga has scored an 18 on the ACT and is now looking at trying to play college basketball next year.

Hamga said he is on track to graduate and his coach at Decatur Christian, Alan Huss, confirmed that the 220-pound big man should be able to meet all of the requirements set forth by the NCAA.

Hamga said that school ends on May 26.

``I don't think that there is a leader among those four schools," Huss said. "When people found out that he's going to be in the Class of 2007, everyone called – and everyone offered. This is a kid who never really got to go through the recruiting process before because he was already committed to Iowa when he blew up."

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