Lucas Still Doesn't Know

Jai Lucas might be tiny but his recruitment has drawn enormous coverage. The nation's best unsigned guard has set a date, trimmed his list and he's 5 days from ending a long process.

One of the pieces of the 2007 recruiting puzzle will fall into place, leaving only one major item left on the 2007 menu after Monday. Jai Lucas, Bellaire (Tex.) High's all-american point guard will decide between Kentucky, Florida and Oklahoma State at a 2:30 press conference on school grounds.

We asked Lucas if he knew where he wanted to go and on Wednesday morning the decision had not been made. "I think out of all my schools either one I'll be OK at," Lucas said. "I just really have to sit down and see what the best situation is."

Lucas defined the best situation for us. "It's somewhere that I can come in and win. I think I could get playing at three of the schools but you want to come in where everything is set up right. The main thing with college is you want to win the national championship."

The guard understands that the national championship at any of the 3 programs next season would be a stretch. The main component is he wants a shot at one sometime during his career.

As for his buddy Patrick Patterson, who is down to Florida, Kentucky and Duke, the chances of them playing together in college – in Lucas' mind – are real.

"I talked to him yesterday. I'll have a lot of interaction with him (before the decision).

"Two out of the three schools are the same. It most likely looks like a definite. We said we're going to go to school together but it's still in the works."

Each situation came with its own built in challenges. Obviously, UK's was the most dramatic. "It's been pretty hard. You know I was used to Coach Smith and I just loved him. Coach Gillispie came in and did a nice job. He hasn't missed a beat and he's trying to pick up."

Florida lost most of its talent which can be a good thing. But, the Gators did sign all-american Nick Calathes early. "(Coach Donovan) told me that I would really be the main ball handler but both of us can pass and deliver that we'd make the perfect backcourt. He thinks whoever gets it can go and run the offense."

The Cowboys know the family well and that means Lucas knows the program inside and out. "They have so many things that are set up. They have the wings and the big men and they're starting over but I'd be coming in with a fresh new group."

The press conference is Monday but the point guard hasn't decided. Lucas has 5 days to end the second most covered recruitment of the year. His buddy Patterson will step up to a microphone and end his two days later.

"It comes in your head when you're sitting at home watching TV. This past weekend we had to talk about it when we cut down my list. It'll pick back up this weekend when I have to make the decision on Monday."

Lucas will not call any coaches or media before the presser. His intention is to keep a lid on this thing right up until the announcement.

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