Thomas Bulls His Way Into Spotlight

St. Patrick power forward Quintrell Thomas dunked his way into the recent Top 100. Now he's intent on staying there.

Quintrell Thomas says he's 6-foot-7 ½ without shoes on. would tell you that he's 6-7 with shoes on. The perception exists that Thomas is an undersized power forward in terms of his height.

Here's the deal: for the most part it doesn't matter. When you as explosive, intense and strong as Thomas is, you find ways to make due. The St. Patrick's junior, a member of the Class of 2008, debuted last week in's Top 100 and he belongs there.

When you're tabbed "undersized" you better have a calling card and Thomas' is the ability to finish, grab boards out of his area and be a little nasty on the court.

"I think I play better when I have a little attitude," Thomas admitted. Now he's mad, motivated and glad he's getting recognized for his abilities. "I love being in the Top 100. It just seemed like I could never get in there."

Ranked No. 94, Thomas already has his list of suitors. Rutgers, Maryland and Marquette have offered and garner frequent mentions. Pittsburgh, Houston, Miami, VCU and Seton Hall have made the Harlem native a priority as well.

"I think about my decision a lot but I don't want to choose a school and not fit into the system or anything like that," Thomas said. "I talk to my coach a lot because he knows about the process and he'll help me out."

Thomas conjures up images of former St. John's standout Anthony Glover in terms of his bounce and explosiveness inside. He rebounds the ball like P.J. Tucker. Athletically he can leap and is strong. He's great at playing outside his area and chases balls that carom off the boards. Offensively he's in need of some polish with his post game but the motor is straight high-major and his foot is on the gas pedal.

"My bread and butter is my turn around jump shot. My coach is telling me I need to finesse more and not just power up inside like what I'm used to. He says it takes away from your energy but it doesn't really."

In order to keep his energy up, Thomas has learned to eat better. "I wasn't eating right before games to keep running the floor. If I get the ball anywhere inside the paint, I just go bull with it."

Speaking of bull, that's the beauty of his game. There's no bull involved, just the mentality of kid looking to stand his ground and fight for everything he can inside.

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