2008 Introduction: Dallas Elmore

Dallas Elmore, a 6-5 junior wing from Colorado, has been a bit under the radar to date. But Elmore showed last April in Las Vegas that he's got a chance to be one of the better small forwards in the class...

Dallas Elmore, 6-5 JR SF Fort Collins (Col.) Poudre, was very impressive when we saw him in Las Vegas this past April. Elmore is well put together and he's a very good athlete. He's got a nice shot to 18-20 feet and he can finish strong at the rim. We want to watch him some more, but he looks like a definite high major prospect.

We spoke with Elmore recently and asked about the schools that he's considering.

"My top three are Oregon, Boston College and New Mexico," said Elmore. "I might also look at Wichita State, but I need to look into them. The other three are my favorites right now."

We asked Elmore if any of the schools have offered a scholarship.

"I think they have," said Elmore. "They all said they want me to come in as a freshman and play a lot of minutes right away – if you consider that an offer."

Elmore talked a little about the factors that will influence his choice.

"The most important thing to me is they have a kinesiology major – that's what I want to study," said Elmore. "I want to study to be a trainer in case basketball doesn't work out. Other than that, I want to go someplace where I can play a lot of minutes right away. Location doesn't really matter."

We asked Elmore what he likes about the three schools at the top of his list.

"I like that they are all straight up with me," said Elmore. "They've each been very straight forward the way they recruited me."

Elmore said he doesn't want to sign early.

"I want to play through my senior year and decide after the season," said Elmore.

Elmore told us he has around a 2.6 GPA.

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