Up Close With Vakeaton Wafer

Vakeaton Wafer somehow managed to leave a super small town and wind up in a place even less populated than his hometown. But, the potential high school all-american in now settling in and happy at Laurinburg.

Up Close With Vakeaton Wafer

On Monday at an open gym in Durham, NC, we had a chance to spend a few minutes with Vakeaton Wafer, one of the nation's top high school basketball prospects.

Wafer on what town is smaller Laurinburg or Lisbon?

"I'd have to say Lisbon. This is what I have to do to get my grades up. This is the best place for me."

On how life has changed from last year to this season

"I'm not trying to let it go to my head. I've gotten better fundamentally and that's important. I'm happy with how I am coming along."

On a possible selection to the McDonald's Game

"That is my main [basketball] focus. That is one of my goals. When I saw Jason Williams and Baron Davis in the game … that's been my goal."

On the possibility of signing early

"I'm not sure when I'll sign. Maybe it will be soon or it could be a long time."

On his current list of schools

"It changes. Right now, I'm focusing on Charlotte, UConn, Florida State, Texas and Louisiana Tech."

We've heard Indiana might not be on you so hard

"I'm not sure. They kind of fell off but I'd still love to play for [Mike Davis]."

On the emergence of Florida State on the list

[Leonard Hamilton is] a great coach and a great man."

There has been talk of Charlotte leading

"I don't have a leader, they are just in front. They have a great coach and coaching staff."

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