Rumble In The Bay, Part Two

More West Coast evaluations from the Rumble In The Bay, including such players as Chase Tapley, Frank Otis, Paul George, Colin Chieverton, Aalim Moor, Devon Manning and several other intriguing prospects...

As I mentioned yesterday, the overall talent level was a bit down at this year's Rumble In The Bay. But there were still a number of potential D1 prospects on hand. Here are my latest thoughts on some of the players who caught my attention.

Chase Tapley, 6-1 SO PG/SG Sacramento (Calif.) High. Last summer, Tapley was one of the top 2009 guard prospects that I saw. He suffered a somewhat serious injury during his high school season, which kept him out for a couple months, and he's not yet all the way back. But he's starting to show signs of his old self and I'm pretty confident he'll end up one of the elite 2009 West Coast guards when it's all said and done. He's got good ball skills and he's very effective off the bounce. He's got the strength to finish inside against bigger players and he's got an excellent left hand. He's a good, not great, shooter. The big issue for Tapley will be for him to play point guard. He's got the handle and passing skills – now he just needs to think the game like a point guard. At his size, he really needs to be at the point. If he stays at that position, he'll likely be a high major prospect.

Paul George, 6-6 JR SF Palmdale (Calif.) Pete Knight. George is a guy that's been somewhat under the radar to date, but he's a very solid prospect. He's got the body and athleticism that you're looking for at the three and he's also very skilled. He shoots it to 17-19 feet pretty accurately. He can be a bit unassertive at times, but I've been impressed with his overall decision-making. In a West Coast class that is short on small forwards, he's one of the more intriguing ones out there.

Frank Otis, 6-5 JR PF Oakland (Calif.) McClymond's. Otis showed a dimension to his game this weekend that I wasn't aware he possessed. He's got a very solid handle and he made several plays off the bounce. He has above-average ball skills for a four man. In the post, he's got quick feet, and with his wide shoulders, he can get some stuff done inside. He needs to be a more consistent rebounder, but he's a very interesting guy at the mid major to mid major plus level.

Devon Manning, 6-1 JR PG Pueblo (Col.) Pueblo Central. Manning is a solid point prospect. He's not great at any one thing, but he knows how to play and he's a fairly good athlete. He doesn't force the action and he plays within a team concept. He's got a solid body. A likely mid major prospect.

Markese Fields, 6-5 JR SF Menlo Park (Calif.) Mid-Peninsula. Fields got hurt in the first game we saw him play, but he looked very intriguing in limited minutes. He's got a very good wing body, with length and some explosive athleticism.

Austin Simon, 6-0 JR SG San Jose (Calif.) Valley Christian. A quick, explosive lefty who can score. Simon is a bit slight and undersized for the two, but he's intriguing at the mid major level.

Ken Rancifer, 6-5 SO SF Oakland (Calif.) Skyline. I didn't get a long look at Rancifer, but he certainly looks the part for a wing. Very good wing body and very bouncy. He's someone I'll definitely take a longer look at in the future.

Aalim Moor, 6-1 SO PG Berkeley (Calif.) St. Mary's. Moor is a good-looking prospect with the frame, length and feel you like to see in a young point. He's got good quickness and vision – made several plays off penetration for teammates. I'm not sure yet about his shot, but he's made good progress from a year ago.

Colin Chieverton, 6-5 JR SF San Jose (Calif.) Archbishop Mitty. Chieverton has the body, length and scoring ability to be a mid to high major wing. Where he needs to really improve though, if he wants to get to the that level, is in the areas of defense and rebounding. Like a lot of kids who can shoot it, Chieverton really wants to play with the ball in his hands. If he can get as excited about defense and rebounding as he is about scoring, he'll see his recruitment take off.

Tim Harris, 6-3 SO SG San Jose (Calif.) Valley Christian. Harris is another good-looking wing prospect who can score. He's adept at knocking down jumpers or slashing off the wing. But he too needs to really work on the other parts of his game. He kind of stands around if the ball isn't in his hands and his defense also needs a lot of work. He's got a chance to be a high major prospect if he can develop an all-around game.

Greg Somogyi, 7-1 JR C Portola Valley (Calif.) Woodside Priory. Somogyi is slender and badly in need of strength, but he's a legit 7-1, at least. He's got pretty good hands and a decent feel for the game. He also showed fairly good timing as a shot-blocker. He's a project, for sure, but worth a look at the mid major level.

James Nunnally, 6-5 JR SF Stockton (Calif.) Weston Ranch. Nunnally has a good body and he plays hard. He's most effective around the basket, using his strength to convert inside. He lacks the perimeter skills you'd like to see in a three, but he's got some toughness and he'll defend. He's something of a tweener at the next level, but he'll likely get looks at the mid major level.

Desmond Simmons, 6-5 FR SF Richmond (Calif.) Salesian. Mature-looking freshman, but he does have a pretty high skill level. Knocked down a number of shots in the 16-18 foot range. Too early to predict a level for him.

Kelly Kaigler, 6-1 JR PG San Jose (Calif.) Oak Grove. Kaigler has good quickness and he loves to attack the rim. Outside shot needs work, but he's got the physical traits to be a D1 guard.

Evan Wiley, 5-11 JR PG Newark (Calif.) Newark Memorial. Wiley is a bit on the small side, but I like his approach to the game. He doesn't force the issue and he generally makes good decisions. He's got fairly good quickness and he's an adequate shooter. He should get some looks at the low major level.

Ian Salter, 6-9 JR C Marin (Calif.) Marin Catholic. Salter has a solid frame and he moves fairly well. He's still somewhat raw in his skill level, but he competed well and he should get looks at the D1 level.

Dallas Rutherford, 6-1 JR SG/PG North Hollywood (Calif.) Campbell Hall. An injury this season set Rutherford back a bit, but he had a solid showing at this event. He's a bit in-between positions, but he can knock down open shots. He will likely get looks at the low major level.

Mitch Florence, 6-7 JR PF Kaysville (Utah) Davis. This was my first look at Florence and I didn't get to see him as much as I would've liked. But in a limited viewing, he got my attention. He's on the slender side, but he's got a good feel for the game and looked to have a decent skill level. Someone to watch in the future.

Julian Scott, 6-7 JR PF Sacramento (Calif.) Inderkum. Intriguing post prospect with a good body and pretty good mobility.

Jovan Daniels, 6-5 JR SF/SG Sacramento (Calif.) Natomas. Good-looking prospect with some bounce and quickness. Not sure about his skill level, but he looks the part for a wing.

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