DeQuan Jones Peeks Inside

DeQuan Jones is ready for the summer. He knows what to work and soon enough it'll be time to decide where to work on his game.

If you spend a few minutes with Marietta (Ga.) Wheeler small forward DeQuan Jones you can't help become struck by one unique trait: Jones is big into self evaluation.

Ranked No. 87 in the country, Jones is doing anything but resting on his reputation. In fact, after looking at his game, there was an aspect of his reputation that he wanted to address: shooting.

"As far as skill development I think I've bettered my perimeter game and my ball handling. There's been a lot I can improve on."

By "better" Jones doesn't mean good enough. Is he moving in the right direction? Yes but he's not fully functional behind the arc. "I feel like after this year I'll be a legit 2-3 man," Jones said. "A legit ball handler slasher and creator but I give myself probably about a year (to be a legit shooter). My coaches, we sit down and talk and they think I'm coming along."

The 6-foot-5 Jones is a sky walking dunker. Talented athletically, he's in the process of putting those pieces together. He'll take his game to the NBA Camp and Reebok U. in the coming weeks.

"The spring has been kind of like a coming out party," Jones said. "People knew about me locally but nationally I'm starting to open peoples' eyes."

While Jones is great about breaking down his weakness – "after every game there's something I could have done better" – he's not as skilled when it comes to rattling off his recruiting interests.

"I want to apologize because there's a lot more but I can't think of them all right now." Cincinnati, Miami, Florida State, Oregon, Arkansas, LSU, Ole Miss, Clemson, DePaul and Southern Cal are interested.

"Some of them that are starting to stand out are Oregon, Arkansas, Clemson and Florida State is starting to recruit me full time."

What's interesting is the native of Alabama doesn't list the Georgia schools at all making distance a non-issue. "For some reason once the Georgia schools see a lot of out town schools were recruiting me they slacked off," Jones said. "I don't know if they think I'm just not interested in their program or what?"

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