Babbitt Reverses His Field, Heads For Home

What's hot these days? Not much until Luke Babbitt changed his mind and has already de-committed and re-committed!

Are you sitting down? Make sure because Luke Babbitt just double punched the recruiting world right in the kisser. Babbitt,'s No. 37 recruit in the Class of 2008 has two pieces of news.

The first is he's no longer committed to Ohio State. Now, if you think that one came out of left field, brace yourself for part II: he's going to commit again today.

"I'm actually going to commit to Nevada," Babbitt said. "It's crazy."

Babbitt said he pondered what committing and then re-committing would mean but decided it was the best course of action for him. "I thought about that. I don't want to be recruited. I'm 100% sure that Nevada is where I want to go. I know its quick and its two things at once but if I do that I can get it over with and go move on."

And his reason for rescinding his pledge to the Buckeyes?

"I'd say for a few weeks now I've been thinking about it," Babbitt said. "It really has nothing to do with Ohio State. Nevada's got a good program and they're close. It'll be nice to be able to go to college and have my family watch.

"Nothing happened. This is totally based on wanting to be close to my family. Nevada is right down the street and that's what it came down to. I'd rather stay close to home."

The blow is a serious one for Ohio State which must now join the ranks of those searching for skilled big men. Taking a glance at the Top 10 power forwards in the nation reveals nearly half are off the board so the Buckeyes must act quickly. Expect them to toss in the calls to Greg Monroe, Michael Dunigan and Tyler Zeller but fishing for trophies at this point is hard in the game. For months OSU figured to be done with this position.

From a Nevada perspective, how much bigger does it get? The program that has kicked out its share of pros is about to land its highest rated recruit in at least the last 15 years.

"I don't think so. I'm excited though. It's going to be a good challenge. They're a program that is getting better and better. I'm just hoping I can keep helping them win."

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