Sampson Coming On Quickly

After last summer, the jury was out on whether Ralph Sampson would evolve into a high-major player. Well, if recent offers are any indication, there's a new verdict on the subject.

It doesn't happen for everyone even though we wish it would. However, when "the light comes on" it's a beautiful thing. For Ralph Sampson, a 6-foot-11 center out of Duluth (Ga.) Northview, life is good and getting better.

Slowly but steadily through the spring, Sampson has been coming on strong. Finally, it came together last month at the Nike Memorial Day event. Sampson's Georgia Stars featured no less than 3 Top 100 talents and now a 4th is emerging.

"I'm just starting to display things that I've been doing," Sampson told "There's a lot more to come."

The son of a former Virginia superstar and NBA player, Sampson is growing into his body, building his confidence and bolstering his arsenal. "Confidence is a big part of it. You have to be confident in yourself and with your skills. You have to be able to display what you know.

Sampson's rise comes as a surprise (Hawkins)
"(Last year) I wasn't completely ready. I wasn't as ready as I should have been."

This spring, Sampson has seemed locked in.

Most college teams have yet to view him as a legitimate prospect. His status as a late bloomer is secure with us and this could wind up being a super summer.

"Every time on the floor now I think of being the best I can during that game and in that moment in time," Sampson said. "I try to block out everything and focus on that one play, that one game and being the best God will allow me to be at that time."

Minnesota and Georgia Tech have a jump on the field. They've seen the progression and each has offered. Tech made their overture last weekend when Sampson and his high school team were on campus for camp.

Right now, there's a lot of letter writing going on with Sampson. Though he's yet to have much contact with the staffs, let alone the head coaches, Florida, Clemson, UCLA, Duke and Cal are writing regularly.

Sampson indicated he's now 6-foot-11 and 223 pounds.

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