A Tack On LSU?

What's the deal with Tack Minor? He told everybody this summer that he was going to play his senior season at Cleveland (TX) Heritage Christian. Or was it Houston's Westbury Christian? And then he said Thursday night that Arizona, Texas, Cincinnati and LSU were recruiting him. As for the truth?

"It's pretty much down to Cincinnati, LSU or Texas," he said. "I haven't made a decision yet, but I'm almost there. All of them play my style of play. All of them run and gun."

But here's the thing: Not all of them seem to want him. A handful of sources -- all sources, in fact, except Minor himself -- told TheInsidersHoops.com that it's going to be LSU pretty much by default.

Arizona and Texas are no longer recruiting him, and rumblings out of Cincinnati have Bob Huggins and the Bearcats backing off, even after UC conducted an in-home visit earlier this week.

That leaves John Brady's Bayou Bengals, right? Then again, who knows with wacky Tack Minor, who, by the way, is still at Houston's Booker T. Washington High, not Heritage or Westbury.

"Off the court, he's a very, very nice young man," said Hal Pastner, the boss of Minor's Houston Hoops summer squad. "He's pleasant to be around and even-tempered. He's a nice person with a good smile. Unfortunately, his intensity on the court carries into the extreme sometimes."

Hence the enigma with Minor. He's virtually unstoppable with the ball in his hands -- few players in America are as effective as scorers -- unless he somehow stops himself. By forcing shots. By getting a tech at the worst possible time. Whatever.

"He's a scoring machine, but he's also the best sub-six-foot rebounder I've ever seen," Pastner said. "His strength on the boards for a guy his size -- I've never seen anything like it. I sit there and wonder how the heck he does it."

His goal this year, he said, is to play more like a pure point, something he definitely hasn't done a whole heck of a lot.

"Ain't never gonna take away my scoring," Minor said. "But I'm going to get more assists. I'm going to dish it more. I'm doing that. I'm gonna raise it up, know what I'm saying?"

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