NBA Profile: Kenny Boynton

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – Most observers understand that Kenny Boynton is a good player. What they may not grasp is the transformation into a different type of player than he presently is undertaking.

Gilbert Arenas did it, but it wasn't easy and it took a while. Javaris Crittenton made it work for him as well.

The transition from scoring machine to point guard is something Kenny Boynton feels he needs to do and it's an area he's working on.

Frankly, for the long term success of his career, becoming a point guard should happen. Let's hypothesize for a minute and for argument's sake concede that he makes the McDonald's All-American team in two years. At barely 6-foot-2, Boynton would be considered undersized for the scoring guard position beyond college basketball.

History tells us that sub 6-5 scoring guards who make the McDonald's All-American game struggle to hook on and become long term productive players in the league. The small guys simply must make the conversation to the point position.

"I'm working hard (here) on getting my point guard skills better," Boynton said. "I was working on it right after my camp game. I'm trying to get on the ball more at this camp."

Scoring comes easy for Boynton. He's one of the more prolific point makers on the circuit. He's good at it, it's natural and heck, getting buckets is fun for guys out here. On Thursday morning he scored 21.

For a guy used to getting buckets, 21's not a big deal. Regardless, Boynton knows long term he's got to flip the switch on his thinking and begin maturing as a floor general.

"Mainly it's running my team and getting them involved and being more vocal and talking more," Boynton said. "Coming out and being a scorer it's like every shot … you want to take it but you have to get your teammates involved and make them better."

Only a rising junior, Boynton has what it takes to be a high level player in the Class of 2009. Colleges agree as he's seen the attention level increase in the last week.

"They're starting to get very serious," Boynton said. "Now that colleges can call and text a lot have lately. The first one I heard from Coach K (Duke) called actually then Texas, then Wake Forest, Ohio State and Miami; Villanova and schools like that." Duke hasn't offered but the afore mentioned schools have in addition to Florida, Clemson and Florida State.

The obvious question is how will a Florida guy say "no" to the two-time defending national champions? "Mostly when I get interviewed they talk to me like I'm supposed to favor Florida. I like Florida a lot but right now I don't have any schools that I favor.

"It doesn't matter how far I go. In state or out of state doesn't matter to me."

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