2007 Final Class Rankings

Bill Walker's presence puts a unique twist on our final class rankings. We've always counted him as a member of the Class of 2007 and that means Kansas State does the improbably and lands the nation's top recruiting class.

Frank Martin has some players to work with in Manhattan. Bob Huggins' departure didn't cost the Wildcats the nation's top-ranked class. KSU's administration moved swiftly and brought order to what could have been a chaotic situation. The result: the dream lives under Martin's direction.

When looking at these classes keep in mind the impact the collective bargaining agreement had on these rankings. High school stars who wouldn't normally be on campus make this crop of classes very enticing.

  1. You serious? Beasley and Walker? Wow!

  2. Pair of burger boys anchor strong contingent

  3. Whew! This one nearly fell apart on the Gators

  4. Everyone in this class looks like a player

  5. Folks better recognize: Boilers will be back

  6. What's a Top 25 list without the Blue Devils?

  7. Koufos, Diebler coming off huge H.S. careers

  8. Bayless, Horne could play for anyone in Pac-10

  9. Izzo goes hunting for guards and scores big

  10. Sampson's confinement on campus wasn't an issue

  11. Billy Clyde gets a big Pat on the back!

  12. Hoops fans will Love this Pac-10 title Chace

  13. O.J. hoping Trojans can put together a special season

  14. Hoyas solidify backcourt with two all-americans

  15. Jordan, Bowles set to form imposing frontcourt duo

  16. Boateng will be ready but this is Harden's crew next year

  17. Hickson will bolster already strong frontcourt

  18. Don't forget the Gamecocks have Downey at the point now

  19. Class takes a hit should Gilchrist opt for prep school

  20. Why isn't anyone talking about this 3-man guard crew?

  21. Blair steadily improved over 4 years and could be impact guy

  22. Tucker, Koshwal expected to produce right away

  23. Is Anderson the real deal? We're going to find out

  24. Randolph will be asked to step up and be a star right away

  25. 3 Top 100 kids including a shot blocker and a scorer

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