LeBron Academy: Day 1 (P.M.)

AKRON, Ohio – John Riek, Jeremy Tyler and LeBron James had major impacts on the second session Saturday night in Akron.

CLASS of 2003

LeBron James, SF – No. 23 didn't have his jumper smoking but he led his team, played with a great deal of passion and inspired his guys. He's got a bright future. Seriously, after playing a session with the college campers, James laced them up with the high school kids and got in a good run. One of the best players on the planet didn't just lend his name to a camp he engrained himself in the experience. It was pretty cool watching him on the floor with the high school kids.

Scotty Hopson, SF – The lefty finish in traffic pretty much capped his day. Right out of the gates Hopson has sent the message: he's a strong all-american candidate and he was one of the only guys to string together consecutive strong performances.

John Riek, C – Clearly the best big man at the Hoop Jamboree a few weeks ago, Riek is playing against bigger, stronger guys here. The assessment: he's raised his game. As LeBron James encouraged him to "keep it high big fella" Riek caught it, scored and proceeded to pin a litany of shots up against the backboard. He's begun working his way into the conversation for the top slot in his class. As a prospect the ceiling is way up there with room to improve. His hands don't work quite in unison with his body just yet.

Jeremy Tyler, C – With one of 2009's finest – DeMarcus Cousins – on the floor, Tyler asserted himself as the best big man in the game. He's a youngster so he's prone to emotional outbursts which he'll have to curtail in time. However, the kid has legit range on his jumper, finishes with both hands inside and his lefty spinner was simply inspiring. He turned in a pair of strong halves while Cousins showed flashes but was unable to match Tyler's intensity.

Deshawn Painter, PF – After gravitating to the perimeter in the a.m. session, Painter found his comfort zone. He went from "Perimeter Painter" to "Paint Painter" and the latter was more productive. He's already got a jump hook that he gets to go down. All smiles all the time, we think the world of this guy long term.

Junior Durand Scott offered up one name when asked who is recruiting him the hardest: Miami. "They keep in close contact with me and update me all the time," he said. …

James Has Active Role
John Riek is not conducting any media interviews this week. Those are part of the process and he's very quickly going to need to become comfortable in those settings. A player of his caliber eventually has a lot required of him on that end. … Props to Dexter Strickland. Not only has he improved his handle but he's making the transition to point guard. Daily he's winning over admirers who weren't on board (count us among them) with him transitioning to the point.

Lance Stephenson's morning was more productive than his evening for one reason: he let the officials get to him and threw him out of whack. It's an area he's capable of working on and needs attention. His train is way too powerful to be derailed by the whistle of a ref. …

Rick Stansbury was front and center watching Scotty Hopson and he had to be thrilled. … We surmised that a good portion of the crowd was there watching Dexter Strickland. Head coaches from St. John's, Pittsburgh and Rutgers. Assistants from Louisville and Villanova also were there in the evening. …

" I'm here. I've been here since 9:30 this morning and I haven't left yet. I was here all last week with my little kids and I haven't left yet so I'm here!"

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