Neltner Down To Four

Ross Neltner of Highlands High is down to four schools. Over the course of the next four weeks, he'll take official visits to each of the programs.

Four Remain On The List

Rick Neltner doesn't have to worry about tuition. The father of Ross Neltner says that the process is nearing an end for his son. "There's a little bit of daylight at the end of the tunnel," Rick Neltner said. "He's down to four schools."

The four Neltner is considering are Stanford, LSU, Virginia and Utah. Each conducted an in-home visit with Ross and each will receive an official visit with the first one beginning this weekend.

Of the four schools in the hunt, each has made a firm scholarship offer minus Stanford. The Cardinal cannot offer a scholarship to Neltner until he is admitted to the school and that process kicked into gear about 3 weeks ago. Neltner, a forward who boasts a 3.9 GPA and 27 ACT, should have little issues when it comes to admissions at any of the programs on his list.

So, beginning this weekend, the official visits will start. "I think he wants to get a good feel for the campus and the players and the coaches and he's looking for playing time," Rick Neltner said. "His intention is to take all four visits. He's interested in going on all four."

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