Peach Jam: Pool C

N. AUGUSTA, S.C. – Xavier Gibson, by his own admission, had his best night on the circuit in a year. We've got the latest from Pool C at the Peach Jam.

Andre Young, PG, Ga. Blazers – This kid might have the most diverse crowd of anyone in the class. For example, he's got big grades so Colgate is there watching him. We all know it's a depleted class at the point so Florida State eyeballed him too. Meanwhile the guy is flat out giving it to The Family on the court. Tiny (maybe 5-9), speedy and smart, he knows his strengths and weaknesses. Can't get inside? No problem he's learned to shoot on the move. He plays the guard spot like he's on fire and someone is chasing him. He hung 24 points on the Detroit kids.

Xavier Gibson, C, Ga. Blazers – Afterwards he admitted: this was his best game on the circuit in over a year. Gibson is the kid the elite schools are recruiting but are unsure about. He dropped 17 points and was outstanding doing so. He played through adversity, scored with skill inside and made mid-range shots with ease. Plus he passed the rock to cutters. All in all, if you didn't see you missed a lot. Anyone sitting on the fence about him will surely be back the next game and he's got a chance to win over doubters after an inspired effort.

Young's List Diverse
Greg Monroe, PF, La. Select – So far the summer has been good not great for Monroe. After kicking everyone's tail in 2006, expectations are high for the nation's top ranked prospect. Crowds are big and they want to see "the man." Monroe had 19 Thursday night and his team won. He passed the basketball and played unselfishly in the process. He's the kid everyone knows has the most talent and because of the expectations there's a responsibility of bringing it every time like last year only now its harder because you've had a taste of the success. Everyone is watching how he handles the remainder of the summer because the No. 1 slot is being contested nightly.

Frank Sullivan, SG/PG, Ala. Lasers – For his team to win must get numbers. Sullivan didn't scratch in the first half but then got it rolling in the second only it was too late. Capable of going for big digits, he's sitting right on the fence where the high-majors have to decide on him and the mids (C-USA, etc.) will be there to catch him should he fall.

Sean Mosley, SG, Team Melo – Aka "The Old Man." He's got that veteran game that some dismiss due to an overall lack of athleticism. However, we think his game is strong and using the glass the way he does is cool. Solid player who is wired to win and you can pencil him in for over 1,000 points in college.

Kenny Gabriel of the Charlotte Royals may see recruiting attention from Michigan pick up. Makes sense seeing how he's got perimeter skills to mesh with Beilein's system. …

Food For Thought, Part I: the Class of 2007 is beginning to mirror the 2005 group. Josh McRoberts (Monroe) and Gerald Green (Tyreke Evans, Demar DeRozan, Al-Farouq Aminu) were the big headliners but a consensus was tough to reach. Meanwhile, Monte Ellis (Brandon Jennings) is having the best pro career while Tyler Hansbrough (Samardo Samuels) is the college ace. …

Food For Thought, Part II: Wake Forest scored the No. 1 player in North Carolina and the top kid in Georgia without the benefit of having the power of a state school name behind it. Impressive.

The S.C. Ravens have a 2009 wing that brings the energy. Jason Morris opened eyes with a blend of athleticism and skill to mid-range. … If Ben Eblen doesn't take charge, the Ravens 16's fall big time to BWSL. … We didn't see the game but the word was Willie Warren hung 45 points in his second game. We'll catch his act in a backyard brawl: Team Texas vs. Houston Hoops. … Eric Etherly of Team Melo has game and grades. …

Xavier Gibson listed Florida, North Carolina, West Virginia, Cincinnati, Alabama and Florida State as potential schools. … Andre Young's list: Tennessee Tech, Mercer, Colgate, Wichita State, Presbyterian, FSU. He's got a 3.8 GPA which is attractive. … Sean Mosley likes Florida State, Maryland, Syracuse, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Virginia and Florida. The Gators have not offered. …

DaShonte Riley, a junior center, was watched by Michigan's John Beilein and Michigan State's Tom Izzo. … Xavier Gibson's crowd of head coaches: Cincinnati, Georgia Tech, Florida, Connecticut. … Bobby Cremins of the College of Charleston was there for Andre Young. We think East Carolina sent their entire staff to see him. … Greg Monroe drew head coaches from Kentucky, LSU, Florida, Southern Cal, Louisville. … Storm Warren's crowd included Arkansas' John Pelphrey and Donovan plus a boatload of others. …

"You're the president (of the club) from now on out. They call it pulling Donovan. They don't call it pulling a Cremins anymore. I'm off the hook."

  • College of Charleston coach Bobby Cremins thanking Billy Donovan for taking the spotlight off him as one of the most high-profile guys to change his mind about a job.

    Teams Seen – Louisiana Select, The Family, Georgia Blazers, Alabama Lasers, Team Melo, Illinois Warriors.

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