Hungry Hunter Down To Two

Vincent Hunter is down to a pair of schools. He's also got a strange favorite food that he's using to add weight to his slender frame.

Arkansas, Tennessee Go Head To Head

Since we last saw him in July, Vincent Hunter has added about 15 pounds, each one of them much needed. To gain the weight, Hunter turned to his favorite delicacy.

"I eat lots of pizza and peanut butter," Hunter said. To clarify, that's pizza with peanut butter on top. "The cheese pizza with peanut butter. My dad said he ate that when he was a kid. I tried it and it was good." Still, Hunter is weight conscious. "I'm weighing 199 as a matter of fact. I don't want to get obese or anything."

Meanwhile, there's a pretty sound recruiting tussle going on for his services. Tennessee and Arkansas are going head to head. He'll take a visit this weekend to Arkansas. "I'm looking forward to it. I haven't scheduled one for Tennessee yet."

Hunter went to Mississippi but the Bulldogs are on the outside looking in. "That was my first visit. It wasn't my atmosphere down there told them that I'm not very interested in them."

The forward knows what he would like to see out of his visits. "I just want somewhere that's a good program. The atmosphere is important. I just don't want to be bored. I'm going there for two things: the academics and to play basketball."

Speaking of academics, Hunter still has to achieve a qualifying test score. "I'm scheduled to take [the test] on the 26th of October. I'm studying very hard for it."

Hunter signing early is for him and he plans on getting all of his recruiting stuff taken care of in the early period.

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