Brewer Continues To Do His Homework

When your father is a former college star and professional basketball player, you tend to be a little better versed than your peers in the art of recruiting. Ronnie Brewer seems to be handling his situation well and he's about to hit the road.

Brewer Sets Two Official Dates

Ronnie Brewer is nearly done with his extensive home visit list. All that remains is a visit with the UConn staff on Oct. 1.

Brewer is considering Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, UConn and Mississippi. He'll visit Kansas the weekend of Oct. 11 and Oklahoma Oct. 18. This coming weekend he's heading – or should we say walking – to Arkansas for an unofficial visit.

Brewer has already been unofficially to Mississippi once, OSU twice and Arkansas plenty of times. "I can hopefully decide by the end of October," Brewer said. "By that time, I could have all my officials taken care of."

Programs are lining up to try and get one of the three remaining officials. "Since I know I'm taking the two right now, Oklahoma State asked me if I could [visit] the first weekend in October but I'm not sure. I haven't run that by my parents yet. Arkansas wants me to come later in the month. A few schools are coming to watch me practice after their home visits."

Brewer seems to be doing a ton of research on the schools that are recruiting him. "I liked looking at the best schools for academics. When they came in for the home visits a lot of information that they were passing out I knew. I looked into the ratings and the graduation rates. I looked at their team structure with seniors and positions and tried to get to know their players and the style.

"I'm enjoying it. It's a two-way street. They are recruiting me to play in their program but at the same time I'm recruiting them and researching their programs."

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