Ebi Not Ready To Decide

Ndudi Ebi is one of those piece of the puzzle guys. He's the top ranked power forward in the Class of 2003. He's being recruited by big time programs. His commitment could influence other recruits. So, what's going on with him?

Ebi Says He's Getting Close

"I'm almost there," Ndudi Ebi said when asked how his process is going. But what does that mean?

"It just means I'm probably still trying to think it through." Our sources indicate that Ebi is having a real tough time sorting through the recruiting material. At this juncture, each one of the schools appears to be firmly entrenched in the hunt.

"It's not really twisting me. I just don't know where to go. They just all fit me right."

Of course, he's talking about Duke, Arizona and Texas. None of the schools have wavered in their commitment to him and he's obviously a large piece of each programs' recruiting puzzle. We don't think his decision will start a domino like effect with all the big men in this class, but it could have an impact on a recruit or two.

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