Mom Says Jr. Wants Options

Mom says hold the phone. She wants her son to have options and Patrick Jr. isn't a lock for anyone. Though she admits the Hoyas have a strong pull, Junior is looking to take some visits.

Florida State Angling For A Visit

Getting to the Final Four is a tall order. Winning a title? That isn't easy. Convincing anyone that Patrick Ewing, Jr. is looking at schools other than Georgetown? Well, that might be an even more challenging task.

Isn't the son of the greatest player in the history of the Hoyas a virtual lock for Georgetown? Wouldn't it make sense that he play in a Hoyas uniform just like his father? "That may be true, but Patrick wants choices," Sharon Campbell, Junior's mother said. "He doesn't want to have to go to Georgetown by not having options.

"He just wants a choice. That's what I'm trying to give him. It's not that Georgetown's not in the running but he just wants a choice."

Campbell says Florida State and Miami are recruiting her son. Kansas contacted him in July but they haven't spoken since. In fact, Junior is a little alarmed, according to mom, that schools aren't coming to watch him at National Christian.

Patrick's mother is keen to the notion that basically until her son sets up some visits, college recruiters will have trouble believing that Junior would be open to hearing them out. "That's what we're starting to do, set up visits now. Hopefully Florida State will be our first visit. What he has been saying to me for the last two years is that he wants to go to school in the South where it's warm."

Campbell said that Kansas wasn't the only school to just stop recruiting her son. One ACC school that she called actually told her that Georgetown was the best place for her son! "Clemson was really recruiting Patrick. Coach Shyatt and Coach Tillis were really recruiting him but they backed off because they had gotten word that he was going to Georgetown."

What does Big Patrick think about his son considering any place but Hoyaland? "I'm sure he wants Patrick [Jr.] to go to Georgetown but he wants it to be Patrick's choice and that's my thing," Campbell said. "We want him to have choices and everyone has stopped recruiting him because they've heard he's going to Georgetown.

"We want Patrick to go visit some schools. He needs to feel comfortable with the program and the coaches. I would like for him to be comfortable. [Georgetown] was comfortable for Patrick Sr. If he visits and is comfortable then that's fine and he makes the choice.

So, if you haven't caught the gist of the story, Campbell is cool with Patrick and the Hoyas but not until she gives her son a chance to do some comparison shopping and speaks with the staff." I'll be fine as long as Georgetown calls me and speaks to me about it. Patrick Jr. said they offered him a scholarship not this past weekend but the weekend before. Whoever recruits him has to come through his dad and myself."

Regardless of how this plays out, know this: if you really need to see a Ewing in a Georgetown uniform this week, flip on ESPN Classic.

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