Steele Down To Three

Since the end of the evaluation period prospects have been cutting their lists and making decisions. Although Andrew Steele isn't ready to make a commitment, he does have his list down to a trio of schools.

Between practices for football and basketball, Andrew Steele doesn't have much time to focus on recruiting, but the rising senior is starting to make some headway with his list, as only three schools remain.

"I still have some open things to look at, but its pretty good," Steele said about his recruitment. "It's probably between Alabama, Ole Miss and Tennessee."

According to the 6-foot-3, 195-pound guard, each of the three schools have their advantages. Tennessee plays an up tempo brand of basketball, and that's attractive to Steele.

"Tennessee, I like the way they play. It's kind of like we play at my high school, I like the way they playing defense. It's a lot of full court stuff, so it wouldn't be that big of a change because I'd be going to a style that I'm used to playing."

With Mississippi, Steele sees an opportunity to go to a school that hasn't had recent success and help them rise to the top.

"At Ole Miss they play fast paced a lot, so I like that part about it. It's real up tempo and that's something that I could see myself playing in."

"I like how Coach Kennedy coaches. He's done a lot of good things and I think he's going to turn that program around. Its something that I think I could help with and turn it around."

The last school on his list, Alabama, has a great relationship with the entire Steele family, as Andrew's brother Ronald, played for the Crimson Tide. However, Andrew was quick to point out that he will look at other factors.

"It's going to help because I know how he likes it, and me and him like a lot of the same things. If he can be happy going there I know I could, but that's no the only thing that I'll look at. It doesn't mean that I'm a lock to go there, but it does help."

"I just like the way they play and I how Coach Gottfried coaches. It's kind of like laid back and they run sometimes and sometimes they slow it down. They do a little bit of both and I kind of like that."

With the list narrowed, Steele hopes to take some visits prior to football season. While he's been to Alabama, the Birmingham (Ala.) John Carroll product has yet to see Tennessee or Mississippi. Visit dates have not been set up.

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