Almost Time For Decision

Omar Wilkes isn't going to have any bearing on David Padgett's decision. Neither will distance. And no, California isn't making any last second surge. One of the most intense recruiting battles of the year is almost over.

Decision Time Next Week

David Padgett and his family have gone through the entire recruiting process. Like most families with recruits at this level, the range of emotions runs from fun in the beginning to the point at which they are now: ready to get this over with.

"It's about time to get it wrapped up I think," Pete Padgett said Friday. David's father and high school coach said that Arizona was in this week and Matt Doherty and Roy Williams will both make final trips by Monday.

After that it's decision time. Pete Padgett says sometime next week his son will announce his decision. It's a decision that will have a major impact on three basketball programs.

Pete says that while David probably doesn't know exactly which school he'll pick, he does know it's time to end the suspense. "I think he's going to have a heckuva hard time deciding. I think he'll be very relieved. He may deep down inside know what he wants to do but he hasn't shared that with me. It probably wears on him maybe more than he shows. We are trying to hold tight with the game plan he came up with a year ago."

The "game plan" was pretty much executed flawlessly as Padgett went through his round of official visits, in-homes and everything else that goes with the process. Through it all and especially lately, Padgett seems to be a lightning rod for innuendo.

The most recent rumor involves California. While the Padgett's clearly have some natural ties to the program, the Golden Bears involvement was ended by David weeks ago. His father says there's nothing to the speculation that Cal is back in the hunt. "No, there's no truth to that. David called Coach Braun two weeks ago and told him that he was going to look at some other schools."

Recent Rumor No. 2: Omar Wilkes and he are going to college together because they are so close. Well, "close" friends might see each other more than once or twice a year. Padgett and Wilkes are obviously friends, but they'll make individual decisions. There is no collusion to get them to the same place.

And as far as distance goes, the Padgett's know their son won't be around all time next year regardless of where he goes to school. "The tough thing for us," Pete said, "is coming to grips with the fact that we aren't going to get to see him personally every single day."

You know what? That might be an even tougher concept for the two schools that don't sign him to come to grips with.

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