West Coast 2008 Rankings: Power Forwards

The 2008 West Coast power forwards don't have many elite prospects on our post-summer list. The top prospect was initially headed to the Big Ten, but he changed his mind and he'll stay home in Nevada for college...

The power forwards in the west are a little light on talent in 2008.
It's not a bad class, but there isn't much in the way of legit high
major talent. Babbitt is by far the top prospect in the group. He's
going to be a good scorer at the next level. He can shoot the three or
post you up in the paint. He's also a good passer. He might have a
little difficulty rebounding against bigger players, but his scoring
ability is going to take him a long way. Breshers is a very interesting prospect. He's got the tools to be an impact guy, but he needs to learn to play hard all the time. Still, his long arms, soft hands, good feet and excellent leaping ability are an intriguing package. Czyz got over-hyped by some misguided Internet analysts, but he is a decent prospect. His best attribute is he plays with great energy. He's not a scorer and his overall skill level is just fair. Woolridge has the size to play the four, but he needs to develop the mentality. He's got a pretty good shot out to the stripe, but he'll have to learn to mix it up inside if he's going to play at a high level in college. Otis has no such problem when it comes to mixing it up. He's undersized, but he'll get physical inside and he's also got surprisingly good ball skills.

1) Luke Babbitt, 6-7, Reno (Nev.) Galena  Nevada
2) Tyreese Breshers, 6-6, Los Angeles (Calif.) Price Washington
3) Olek Czyz, 6-7, Reno (Nev.) High
4) Renaldo Woolridge, 6-8, North Hollywood (Calif.) Harvard Westlake
5) Frank Otis, 6-5, Oakland (Calif.) McClymonds
6) Trey Eckloff, 6-9, Englewood (Col.) Cherry Creek Colorado
7) Michael Bostic, 6-6, Ontario (Calif.) Colony
8) Kyle Caldwell, 6-7, Newport Beach (Calif.) Newport Harbor
9) Aaron Fuller, 6-7, Mesa (Ariz.) High
10) Kevin Young, Jr., 6-7, Perris (Calif.) High


James Albright, 6-5, Oakland (Calif.) Fremont
Enoch Andoh, 6-7, San Jose (Calif.) Mitty
Elliott Bullock, 6-10, Salt Lake City (Utah) Olympus
Ricky Calvin, 6-6, Phoenix (Ariz.) Carl Hayden
Jorge Camacho, 6-6, San Francisco (Calif.) Riordan
Terrell Chandler, 6-7, Los Angeles (Calif.) Pacific Hills
David Cone, 6-7, Paso Robles (Calif.) High
Justin Coughlin, 6-7, Yuma (Col.) High
Taylor Darby, 6-7, San Diego (Calif.) Mission Hills
Lorenzo Dobson, 6-7, Gilroy (Calif.) High
Mitch Florence, 6-7, Kaysville (Utah) Davis
Deshaun Freeman, 6-6, Lawndale (Calif.) Leuzinger
Gerald Hill, 6-5, Tacoma (Wash.) Curtis
Ali Langford, 6-6, Salt Lake City (Utah) Brighton
Tyree McCrary, 6-7, San Jose (Calif.) Oak Grove
Trevor Noonan, 6-7, Broomfield (Col.) Legacy
Renado Parker, 6-5, Kent (Wash.) Kentridge
Eugene Phelps, 6-5, Woodland Hills (Calif.) Taft
Dominic Powell, 6-7, Palo Alto (Calif.) High
Mike Proctor, 6-7, Phoenix (Ariz.) Desert Vista
Alex Renneman, 6-6, Vancouver (Wash.) Skyview
Joseph Richard, 6-5, San Bernardino (Calif.) Arroyo Valley
Julian Scott, 6-7, Sacramento (Calif.) Inderkum
Austin Smith, 6-9, Tucson (Ariz.) Mountain View

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