Landesberg Will Take Two More Trips

Sylven Landesberg and his family have researched their options and can see the light at the end of tunnel. Landesberg will see two more campues (maybe a third) before making his decision.

The recruitment of Sylven Landesberg ( No. 39) isn't going to run its course much longer. Six weeks from now, give a take a few days, the 6-foot-6 Flushing (N.Y.) Holy Cross standout will have completed all his visits and be primed for a decision, according to his father.

"We pretty much know the schools that we're interested in," Steve Landesberg told The family has been aggressive in taking trips, opting to go the unofficial route instead of waiting for officials.

"The difference between an official and unofficial is maybe $500. We've been going on visits through the summer and we've got two or three to do and we'll call it after that."

Having been to Texas and St. John's, Landesberg is targeting two more programs. He'll be at Virginia over Labor Day Weekend. Georgia Tech hosts him Sept. 15.

"We want to speed it up a little bit and we're trying to get it over with before the school season starts. We saw Texas and St. John's and we're pretty much (at St. John's) every day."

There is one program that could possibly get a final crack at him. "We may do Kentucky after that and then we're shutting it down," Steve Landesberg said. "We were very active with Kentucky when Tubby was there. They had an offer then and when Tubby left we didn't hear from them. The new coach came in and we heard from them 2 months ago. It's hard because it's like starting all over again."

Regardless of UK's status, this train is steaming toward a late September decision. Landesberg's dad said the family will have done their homework and it'll be time to end the process.

" There are others that keep calling but you can only go to one school. His grades are good so we're looking for a program that has it all – the good school, good basketball, everything. He has good choices and if he doesn't like those there are more lined up behind them. The problem is finding which one because they're all good."

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