West Coast 2009 Rankings: Small Forwards

The small forwards in the West Coast class of 2009 have numerous high major prospects, along with a couple of elite talents. The top-rated player in the group has seen his game take off in the last year...

The 2009 small forwards in the west have a chance to be a very good
group. There's elite talent at the top and mutiple mid to high majors
throughout the list. Thompson is the easy choice for the top spot. He's improved as much in the last eight months as any player in the west. His feel and approach to the game are both outstanding. He's got an accurate shot to the stripe and a very quick and compact stroke. Thompson's fundamentals are far superior to his competitors on this list and it's possible he'll play some two guard at the next level. Hamilton is an excellent shooter with very deep range. He's good off the catch or the bounce and he's improved his ability to create his own shot. While he's an excellent scorer, he does need to improve his focus on other areas of the game. But his ability to shoot the ball will no doubt get him plenty of recruiting attention. Rudd has the size, athleticism and skills to be an elite prospect. However, his approach and focus on the details of the game still need to get better. If he can improve in those areas, he might end up one of the top players in the class. It's also possible that Rudd will eventually grow into a power forward. Hornbuckle is a young prospect who is still growing into his body. He's got a nice stroke to the stripe and he's improved his ability to put the ball on the floor. He's not yet mature physically, so it's tough to predict a level for him with any certainty. However,he did improve quite a bit from his freshman to sophomore year and he should be a very nice player if he continues to develop at the same rate he did in the last year. Rancifer is another young prospect who is just starting to blossom. He's pretty long and bouncy, with a nice set of skills. He too has to learn to play with better focus and consistent intensity, but he's got a very nice upside.

1) Hollis Thompson, 6-6, Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola
2) Jordan Hamilton, 6-6, Compton (Calif.) Dominguez
3) Victor Rudd, 6-6, Sylmar (Calif.) High
4) Keegan Hornbuckle, 6-5, North Hollywood (Calif.) Campbell Hall
5) Ken Rancifer, 6-5, Oakland (Calif.) Skyline
6) Guy Landry, 6-5, Van Nuys (Calif.) High
7) Chad Adams, 6-5, Albuquerque (New Mexico) Highland
8) Stephen Heard, 6-6, Long Beach (Calif.) Jordan
9) Aaron Dotson, 6-4, Seattle (Wash.) Garfield
10) Jamal Franklin, 6-6, Phelan (Calif.) Serrano


Jerry Brown, III, 6-5, San Francisco (Calif.) Sacred Heart
Wade Collie, 6-5, Las Vegas (Nev.) Silverado
Rome Draper, 6-5, Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) Etiwanda
Aaron Dotson, 6-4, Seattle (Wash.) Garfield
Corbin Green, 6-5, Salt Lake City (Utah) Olympus
Solomon Hill, 6-6, Los Angeles (Calif.) Fairfax
Tyler Miller, 6-5, Chandler (Ariz.) Basha
Eric Obeysekere, 6-6, Orinda (Calif.) Miramonte
Demetrius Walker, 6-3, San Juan Capistrano (Calif.) J Serra
Chris Harriel, 6-3, San Jacinto (Calif.) High
Jerry Evans, 6-6, Lawndale (Calif.) Leuzinger
D'Sean Anderson, Inglewood (Calif.) High

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