Big 12, CAA School Chase Stinson

The MVP of the Big Time is looking at a pair of schools. In fact, both of those schools will make visits to meet with him this week.

ISU, Drexel Involved

Curtis Stinson, the hero of the New York Ravens run to the Big Time championship is doing well at Winchendon. In fact, he's got his eye on two programs.

Winchendon head coach Mike Byrnes said that Iowa State and Drexel are the clear schools to beat. "They are two of the few schools that stayed there with him all along. He's got a lot of work to do in the classroom but it's a two-horse race."

A recruiting contest yes, but a race to sign him it's not. First, Stinson has to take the standardized test. Then, he can begin taking official visits.

"He's going to talk to the two head coaches on Tuesday. He plays everything close to the vest. He hasn't taken the test and hasn't taken a visit. He's a big loyalty guy and both of those have been very strong and very loyal."

Stinson is almost like a power guard. However, Byrnes says it's his winning way that is his best asset. "I put the ball in his hands and he wins us games. He's shooting the ball well now. After Curtis figured me out and him what I expected out of him, I just give him the ball and he makes good plays. He'll be our point guard and he makes good decisions. He just knows how to win. He gets the ball to people when they're open."

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