Mavunga's List Takes Shape

The Wright Brothers were first in flight. Mark McGwire was the first to 70 homers and soon enough Julian Mavunga will be the first basketball player from Zimbabwe to play college buckets.

Julian Mavunga, from what we gathered, is going to make history at some point this year. Mavunga, a 6-foot-7 insider out of Brownsburg (Ind.) High was born in Zimbabwe. If our assumption proves correct, Mavunga is on track to become the first native of Zimbabwe to play college basketball.

"I've actually looked it up and none that I've ever heard of," Mavunga said. "I guess I might be the first one."

Mavunga's one of those guys who straddles the line between mid and high-major. He's got offers from both sides and it'll be interesting to see which way he leans. Of the big boys, Mavunga feels like Virginia Tech and Pittsburgh are close to offering. Purdue's got him as a backup option should it not land Tyler Zeller.

Wichita State, Miami-OH, George Mason and Indiana State play prominent roles on the mid-major level in terms of making his list.

"My favorite school right now, well, first of all my right now if I had to narrow it down would be Miami and Indiana State," Mavunga said. "They've been on me since my sophomore year. I still like Purdue and Pitt a lot. Coach DeChellis from Penn State is a good guy too."

Mavunga felt like he would surely trip to George Mason and Miami-OH. "I've talked to Coach Dixon about taking a visit in September. This has been up and down with getting back in school and everything."

A tough guy with a big motor, Mavunga's mass appeal is widely credited to his approach to the game. Listen to him and you'll hear a confident, respectful kid who wants to bring it against the best.

"I went toe to toe with some of the best players," Mavunga said. "People know that I can play. People under rate me a lot. I know I should play hard 100% of the time but I think I do. When I play against those guys I give it 125%. I play this game to prove a point.

"My first period was better than my second. I went through the whole fresh period, played well and I got back home for the weeklong break. I was playing with my friends and dislocated my pinky. I'm aggressive and I had to settle but I think I played really well in July."

As a junior, Mavunga averaged 16.8 points, 10.5 rebounds and 3 blocks.

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