Chaney Gets Chomped

The commitments continue to roll in. Allan Chaney, of New London (Conn.) High, is the most recent to make his college decision and he's headed to the Southeastern Conference.

After exploding on to the scene in early July, Allan Chaney didn't need much time to make his college commitment. The 6-foot-8, 220-pound rising senior knew where he wanted to attend school, so he made a commitment to Florida, Thursday afternoon.

"I was just sitting in my room and I was talking to my mom on the phone and she said if that's where I wanted to go, then I should go," Chaney said. "She doesn't like planes, but she said she would take a plane to come see me play in Florida. So I just did it."

"That's where I wanted to go. To be honest a couple of weeks ago I wanted to make the decision, but I think I was going off what other people wanted me to do. I wanted to follow my heart and today I just said ‘forget it' and followed my heart."

At the RBK U camp, Chaney grabbed the attention of college coaches across the country. He picked up over a dozen offers and according to's Dave Telep was one of the best performers in July.

"Allan Chaney was one of the biggest surprises of the summer," Telep said. "From July 7th to July 31st, I'm not sure there was another kid who had the meteoric rise he did. His ceiling is big and with his versatility, it's easy to see why the Gators would jump on him."

Following the evaluation periods in July, Chaney picked up scholarship offers from Providence, Ohio State, Texas A&M, Georgetown and Indiana, but in the long run he didn't even need a visit to know Florida was the school for him.

"Actually there were two things. After a game I didn't play so well and they told me that I played bad and a couple of other schools would call me and say ‘good game' and sucker you up to tell you what you wanted to hear. But Florida said if you come here this is how it's going to be we are going to tell you the truth. They just told me that I played bad and I respected that."

"Also last week my dad was on the phone with Rob Lanier, the assistant at Florida, and he told them that I was going to take a couple of visits and he said ‘we wanted to be last.' And that's says a lot because obviously I was number one on their list if I could take the visit last and the scholarship would still be open."

Chaney, who checked in at No. 61 in the's post summer rankings, will join Kenny Kadji, Ray Shipman and Erving Walker to make up Florida's 2008 class.

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