Kansas Lands David Padgett

Two phone calls were made on Tuesday night. Kansas was the recipient of the cheerful, good news communication. North Carolina and Arizona weren't so lucky.

Kansas Lands Centerpiece Recruit

On Tuesday night, around 10:30 Lawrence time, Roy Williams received word that David Padgett, one of the nation's best big man prospects, would play for the Jayhawks.

"David caught Coach [Williams] on his cell phone and it sounded to me like they were pretty happy," Pete Padgett said.

Just a few minutes later, UNC received word the word that would mean Brian Butch is going to get even more mail this week. Padgett informed the Heels of his choice and the UNC staff reacted with class. "Matt was an absolute top notch pro about it," Pete Padgett said. Exactly what we would expect from a coach who battled his former coach and boss for a player.

For David Padgett, ending his ties with North Carolina was particularly tough according to Pete. "I think that was the hardest phone call David's ever had to make. He developed a close relationship with Matt and Doug [Wojcik] both. He was split down the middle."

Padgett was unable to catch up with Lute Olson until this morning as the hall of famer was out of the country. Regardless, this decision ultimately came down to UNC and KU with Arizona in third.

So, how did David Padgett reach this monumental decision? "I'm not sure," Pete said. "As crazy as this is going to sound this was a total gut feeling. David told me he had made his mind up yesterday afternoon. That's as accurate as I can be."

Like Ebi, Padgett had grown tired of the intensity of the process. The mail, the visits, the calls and the day to day life of being an uncommitted big timer can get overwhelming. But on Wednesday, Padgett's demeanor changed. "He's about as relaxed and content as I've seen him. He's absolutely just at peace."

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