Lithuanian Shooter Is The Rage

When you're from Lithuania, have spent time in Virginia and now play prep ball in Vegas, geography is unlikely to factor into your decision. Deividas Dulkys, a sought after shooter, is cultivating his list.

First there were four and then the list grew. Deividas Dulkys, a Top 20 post grad player out of Findlay Prep in Vegas, is in a great position. Miami, San Diego State, Florida State and California want him badly. Four others – Tennessee, Mississippi, Illinois and Cincinnati – are trying to get involved.

"I don't know how it's working but I've got more and more schools calling for me," Dulkys said. "It's not like (the list is) going down. I've got four new schools on my radar. I had it down to four but then I got four more and I have eight."

Deividas (pronounced David-us) is visiting San Diego State this weekend. He wants to make sure trips to Miami, FSU and Cal happen. After those he may squeeze out a fifth trip from the next list of four but first things first, the Aztecs host him on campus in a few days.

"I think all four schools are doing a great job," Dulkys said. "I get a lot of calls and they're giving me a lot to think about. It's actually driving me crazy. I'm not used to this. I didn't grow up in a place (with this). This is new to me. I have to be careful when I make my decision."

Dulkys is the perfect example of timing is everything. With San Diego State's entire staff front and center for one of his last games in Vegas, the shooter went off. Dulkys ended up with 29 points and 5 trifectas in the game. Plenty of schools were in the gym watching a loaded World Wide Renegades squad. After the contest, the focused shifted to Dulkys who proved worthy of a bigger offers because of deft outside touch. That single game boosted his recruitment at the end of July.

"More schools are looking at me," Dulkys said of the game. "I don't think that was my best (game); my best one is when the team wins."

A few months from now, someone is going to win his signature.

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