Outerbridge Is Set To Embark On Visits

Orion Outerbridge was forced to the sidelines this summer, but not before he captured the attention of college coaches. He's picked up a ton of interest and is starting to turn it into offers.

Orion Outerbridge was prepared for a break out summer. Following a solid junior season and a great spring, expectations where high according to high school coach Peter Hutchins, but a minor injury slowed him down.

"I think the spring was a big moment for him and I think the end of the season was big for him because he finally realized how good he could be. His recruitment really took off."

"Right now he has some great options," Hutchins continued. "But I think if he hadn't been hurt, this summer would have been a little different and I think he would have other options as well."

With the list of available bigs dwindling, Outerbridge is still a prime target for a bunch of schools. St. Joseph, Fordham, Virginia, Rhode Island, Miami, Rutgers and Pittsburgh are involved and will likely take a trip to see him during the upcoming open period.

Of his list of interested schools, Rhode Island, St. Joseph, Fordham and Virginia have separated themselves from the pack and each has a visit scheduled.

"We are still getting calls from Miami, Rutgers and Pitt, but those are the four that have stayed with him and he feels like he can play for."

He's already tripped to Rhode Island and might make another trip. On September 13th he'll head to St. Joseph. The following weekend Outerbridge will check out Fordham and on the 29th his visit tour will end at Virginia.

The 6-foot-9, 210-pound post threat has mixed feelings about making a decision in the early period. He's saved one of his official visits in case a new school that he's interested in gets involved.

"I think it's probably 50/50," Hutchins said. "I think he's in a spot right now where if he wanted to go to anyone of those places, that he'd feel comfortable making the decision."

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