Weber Spotlight: Patrick Ewing

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – We've been hearing rumblings, but we've finally been able to see firsthand. Patrick Ewing Jr. has taken his game and raised it a level.

Body Changes, Intensity Help Improvement

Folks, Patrick Ewing has done some work on his game and his body. The 6-8 forward from National Christian Academy has added upper body strength and he's really starting to fill out. With his long arms and increasing athleticism, he's on the rise.

"Once we got him running, getting on track, putting up shots and working on his ball handling he's been on a tear," National Christian coach Trevor Brown said.

Prior to the Charlie Weber event, we had heard the whispers that Ewing was revamping his game. As it turned out, those whispers were true.

At the Weber, we saw a much more aggressive Ewing. In the game we watched (spotlighted in the shot chart) he scored 19 points on 7-for-13 shooting. He connected on 3 of his 4 3-point shots and that's an area he's obviously improved tremendously on since the spring. He ran the floor and finished plays with dunks when possible. He had 6 rebounds against the Vince Carter Playaz.

Ewing really seems to have a better understanding of playing to his strengths. He's rebounding on a consistent basis and this just wasn't a one-game wonder in College Park.

"He did it all weekend," Brown said. "That's how that kid's been playing. I took him to Team Assault practice and they couldn't touch him. His toughness, his shot and his knowledge of the game … he's gotten better."

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