White Gets Serious With Recruiting

Royce White made his presence known this summer and he earned over a dozen scholarship offers. The rising junior is taking the next step with the process and is starting to set up unofficial visits.

Summer basketball provides prospects with a chance to travel the country and showcase themselves in front of college coaches. While Royce White enjoys that aspect, he also likes getting to know the guys he competing against.

"I had a lot of fun playing with all of the guys from around the country," White said. "The academies and camps were especially fun because I got a chance to bond with players from around the country that I didn't know as well."

White also used the summer to get better. The 6-foot-7, 200-pound forward showed off a strong mid-range game with a unique scoring style and he certainly grabbed the attention of college coaches.

So far he claims scholarship offers from Minnesota, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Iowa State, Northern Iowa, Miami, Creighton, Purdue, Arkansas, Seton Hall, Texas, Arizona and Southern California.

Ohio State, Kansas, Duke and North Carolina are also showing interest in the Minneapolis (Minn.) De La Salle product.

"Right now I'm just listening to all the coaches that are talking [to me] and just taking it all in because I'm going to have to make a decision in the next few years," White said.

Coaches are also starting to make their way to his high school. Bo Ryan was in recently to watch a work out, and Tom Izzo and Roy Williams are expected to stop by the schools in the next two weeks.

White is also taking visits himself. He's already been to Iowa State, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Northern Iowa and he's hoping to visit the Badgers again. White has also expressed interest in taking trips to Michigan State and USC.

Although White isn't close to making his college choice, he has started examining the schools on his list.

"I'm just trying to evaluate the programs for the academics and the coach because I want to have a good relationship with the coach and they players that are there."

"I kind am starting to put some stuff together, and I'm not going to make a decision anytime soon, but I'm starting to think about it more," White said. "I have time since I'm not playing and I can focus on schools and I'm starting to think about it more."

White checked in at No. 38 in the post July 2009 rankings.

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