Zeller's Halfway To A New Home

Tyler Zeller's seen UNC and IU. With jaunts to Notre Dame and Purdue next, we wondered how the big fella was faring at the halfway point of a official odyssey.

Tyler Zeller, Scout.com's 16th ranked prospect in the senior class, is at the midway point of his visitation process. Trips to Indiana and North Carolina are done; Purdue and Notre Dame remain. We wondered: how much time does a budding high school all-american spending thinking about recruiting?

"When you're sitting there not doing anything you start thinking of random stuff," Zeller said. "Maybe I'm driving around, waiting for something to do or sitting in class when I'm bored I think about it. There's not a whole lot of time to think about it."

We know of four staffs that constantly think about him. Zeller said the big thing with the trips was the interaction with the other kids. "What's helping me most is going to North Carolina and Indiana and hanging out with the players. That's been great.

"Hanging out at North Carolina, I had never hung out with the players. Other than that I hadn't hung out with them. I learned a lot about their personalities. At IU I did the same thing but I kind of new them before."

Not that he's going to decide before his next two visits, but if he had to, could he? "If I had to today I could probably do it but it would be very hard. There's so many factors that go into it. The hardest thing for me is when I look at it, I contradict myself. Let's say North Carolina is good at running but IU is hoping to get there. You kind of contradict yourself sometimes."

Zeller told Scout.com that while they were different, the visits to IU and UNC were similar in some basketball ways. "The talent level at IU and North Carolina is very good. North Carolina has big guys but they don't have a true four. IU has two bigs after this year and I can go in and play right away.

"At North Carolina I would have to work for minutes but I have no problem with that. It's a lot to think about."

Basically, he's not into tipping his hand and he shouldn't. He committed to this process and two of his four finalists remain and a lot is at stake. "Some people get stressed out about it, but I'm like hold on I should be worrying about it," Zeller said.

Of all the prospects we've spoken with this fall, few have talked about having fun on the visits. Back in the day, getting shown around campus, paraded in front of adoring fans and co-eds was chic. Refreshingly, Zeller sounds like he's into the trips. "I actually told someone right before I went on my trip to North Carolina that it would confuse everything. For the most part that was true but I'm definitely looking forward to the Notre Dame and Purdue visits. These visits are fun, you hang out and you learn little things about the players, coaches and the lifestyle on campus."

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