CAA Battle Comes To End

Winston-Salem Reynolds center Eddie Green reached a college decision. After considering a pair of CAA teams, he's eliminated one and committed to the other.

JMU Over Mason

Eddie Green had a tough time picking his college. But, over the weekend he was able to reach a decision. He selected James Madison over George Mason.

"It came down to where I was real close to both coaches after talking to each of them for a while," Green said. "At first I wasn't very interested. I was getting recruited by a lot of big schools and then I wasn't playing well with Kappa, I started to like George Mason and James Madison. They were always there. I became close with Coach Dillard."

Green really fell for Coach Sherman Dillard and his relationship with the Dukes leader turned things for Madison. "One thing I really liked about him was that he didn't always talk to me about basketball. He talked to me about life and what I would do if basketball wasn't there for me. He told me what I wanted to hear and I feel confident myself as a player that I'll be able to put in the time and become the best player I can be."

The end of Green's junior season and summer didn't go as scripted. He was injured and struggled to put his game together. But, he's in a position to change his fortunes and capture a fourth state championship with Reynolds.

"For me, we have a big team goal. As you know for the past three years we've won the 4-A state title. This year we're ranked 8th in the country. I think we have the talent on our team to win a national championship. I think we have a good chance of winning a national championship. That would say a lot for our team."

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