Dulkys Unable To Reach Decision

Deividas Dulkys would like to get it over with and make a commitment. One problem: he can't wrap his mind around a final decision. Now the clock is ticking on an early signing.

Deividas Dulkys isn't visiting anywhere this weekend. His Findlay Prep team kicks off the start of their practice season. In some way, not having to make a decision about where to go this weekend must be a relief for the 6-foot-4 Lithuanian born shooter. Dulkys, by his own admission, is struggling to come to grips with the process.

"This thing is still hanging in the air, I don't know what I'm doing," Dulkys said. "I'm really confused. To commit now or to commit later? That's the decision."

Committing now means either Florida State or San Diego State with Illinois in the mix but behind since it hasn't hosted him on an official visit. Dulkys said he would not commit to a program he hasn't visited. Most recently he tripped to FSU and it went well.

However, Dulkys remains non-committal to deciding. He lacks that gut feeling kids have that pushes them over the edge. "I've already got good schools now but I've got a feeling saying maybe I should wait. I like what I'm seeing right now but I can't do it I guess."

A superb stroker from behind the line, Dulkys could fill a niche for a lot of teams. The task for FSU, SDSU and Illinois will be convincing him to get it done early. If he waits the competition for his services is likely to increase as the season tips off.

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