Day Not Sure Where Recruitment Is

Right now, things are moving along slowly with the recruitment of Pooh Day. So far, he's taken one visit, made a commitment and then recanted.

Guard Not Sure Who Is Involved

Top 100 point guard Quenton Day is a little confused. After a good summer, his recruitment has been slow to pickup. He's not sure who is actively recruiting him.

"To be perfectly honest, I don't know," Day said. "Everybody thought I committed to Nebraska. I still get mail from TCU, DePaul, Kansas and Minnesota."

When Day says everyone thought he committed to Nebraska, they do so for good reason. He did commit to Nebraska. "I came home and me and my family thought it was too hasty of a decision."

Right now, according to Day, no one is calling him.

One reason for the hang-up could very well be academics. Day took the test but didn't receive a qualifying score. "That could be an issue but I'm getting that together right now."

So far, Day's only visit was an August 30 trip to see the Cornhuskers.

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