Super 100 Camp, Part Two

Michael Snaer, Colin Chieverton and Ryan Sypkens were among the standouts at the Super 100 at St. Mary's this past weekend...

The Super 100 Camp featured many of the top players in the Northern California area. Here are some more evaluations of the players who caught my attention this past weekend.

Michael Snaer, 6-4 JR SG Moreno Valley (Calif.) Rancho Verde. Snaer was in the Bay Area for an unofficial visit to Cal and he stopped by the Super 100 on Sunday to play in a couple games. He didn't do anything to change my opinion that he's one of the elite shooting guards in the west for 2009. Great size and frame, above average athlete, strong, nice stroke to three, very good defender…he's got a very impressive set of attributes as a prospect.

Damian Lillard, 5-11 SR PG Oakland (Calif.) High. Lillard settled for too many jumpers, and played a little too casual in the pickup game setting, but I saw him too good in July to take much from this showing. He can get his shot whenever he wants and he's very strong for his size. Good quickness, solid handle and the ability to score from anywhere on the court. Some West Coast high major programs missed on this kid and Weber State got the biggest steal of the class.

Colin Chieverton, 6-5 SR SF San Jose (Calif.) Mitty. Chieverton was extremely impressive at this event. His body looks better than it did a couple months ago and he seemed more explosive as well. He's always been a good scorer, but he's improved his ability to finish around the basket. He still has some work to do in terms of decision-making, playing without the ball and learning how to be effective when he's not scoring, but he looks like a potential all-conference player in the WCC someday. He has the potential to make some Pac-10 teams regret not offering him.

Ryan Sypkens, 6-2 JR PG/SG Sacramento (Calif.) Franklin. Sypkens was also very good at this event. He's got great size for a guard, with a very good frame. His shot is solid to the stripe and his overall ball skills are above average. His court demeanor is very good, as is his decision-making. He's not really a true one or two, but I think he might play both spots in college. He hasn't received a lot of hype in the 2009 class, but he's a potential sleeper. He's easily a good mid-major prospect and it's quite possible he ends up at the high major level.

Desmond Simmons, 6-6 SO SF Richmond (Calif.) Salesian. I've seen Simmons better in the past than I saw him at this event. He's a very good athlete, with some bounce, and he moves well for his size. His skill level is above average for a freshman – pretty good shot to 16-17 feet. At this event, though, he just seemed to be going through the motions whenever I watched him. He's a very intriguing prospect in the 2010 class, though, and he's certainly on my list of sophomores to watch in the future.

Cody Kale, 6-2 JR PG Rocklin (Calif.) Whitney. This was my first look at Kale and I came away impressed. He's got good size, with fairly long arms, and he's a decent athlete. His feel for the game was noticeable even when they were just doing drills. Good vision, nice passer and a solid handle. His shot is adequate at this time, but it's definitely an area where he could improve. I would expect WCC programs to take a long look at him.

Ken Rancifer, 6-5 JR SF El Cerrito (Calif.) High. A long and bouncy wing, Rancifer has quite a bit of potential as a prospect. He needs to tighten up his handle, and improve his jump shot, but the physical attributes are there for a player. His shot isn't too bad to 15 feet, but it kind of falls apart when he gets any deeper. He's worth a look at the mid major level.

John Dixon, 6-5 JR SF Fairfield (Calif.) High. Just about everything I wrote regarding Rancifer applies to Dixon. They aren't related, but they could be twins in terms of basketball. Same frame, athleticism, strengths and weaknesses as a player – it was uncanny when they were defending each other in the games. Dixon is another guy worth a look at the mid major level.

Darius Nelson, 6-4 FR SF/PF Sacramento (Calif.) Sheldon. The younger brother of Duke's DeMarcus Nelson, Darius is a very tough prospect to project. On the one hand, he's very skilled and strong, with a nice shot to the stripe. He's got above average skills for a freshman. On the other hand, he's built like a mini power forward and he's carrying too much weight. Where he goes as a prospect will depend almost entirely on what happens with his body. But he's got a whole high school career in front of him, so there's plenty of time for the body to improve.

Aalim Moor, 6-2 JR PG Berkeley (Calif.) St. Mary's. Moor has good size for a one and he is a pass-first point guard (which is refreshing in this day and age). Very good vision and solid overall ball skills. His shot is a weakness at this time and it's something he'll really need to work on if he's to play at the next level. After appearing a bit heavy in the summer, his body looked trimmer and he seemed a little quicker. If he can get to the point where defenses have to honor his shot, he should be draw considerable interest at the mid major level.

Justin Brue, 6-5 JR SF San Francisco (Calif.) Bishop O'Dowd. I didn't see him shoot the ball much, but his body and athleticism are intriguing. He made several nice plays in transition and appeared to have a decent feel. He's someone I want to watch some more in the future.

Raymond Nelson, 6-4 FR SF Modesto (Calif.) Modesto Christian. The younger brother of 2009 standout Reeves Nelson, Raymond has a similar body to his older brother. He's a couple inches shorter, but he's big all over like Reeves and he's a strong kid for a freshman. He doesn't yet have the bounce that Reeves possesses, but he is only a freshman. I only watched him play briefly Saturday, so I didn't get a great look at him. He'll be one to watch in the future.

Marcus Butler, 6-3 JR SF Modesto (Calif.) Modesto Christian. Good-looking, athletic wing prospect. I didn't see him shoot it much, but his body and athleticism drew my attention. I'll be looking to see him again next spring and summer.

Domonique Taplin, 5-10 FR SG Oakland (Calif.) High. Very good-looking young prospect. Great frame, long and slender for his size – looks like he'll grow in the future. Showed pretty good skills in the brief moments I saw him play. One to watch in the future.

Trevon Taylor, 5-7 FR PG Oakland (Calif.) High. Oakland looks like it could have a very nice backcourt in the next couple years. Taylor looks to be pretty skilled, with good quickness and a solid handle. He's on the small side, obviously, so it's tough to project a level for him at this young age. But he's an intriguing prospect if he gets any bigger.

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