Rompza Headed To C-USA

A.J. Rompza may not be a big name you've heard a lot about but that's not to say his approach at the point guard position won't help one Conference USA program over the next four years.

You watch a lot of guys over the course of the spring and summer and for different reasons kids leave impressions. A.J. Rompza is one of those guys you can't help but admire.

At 5-foot-8, Rompza isn't turning any heads. One look at him and you're likely to peer right past him on first glance; this observer did. However, watch him a few times and you're struck by the energy, intelligence and effort he brings to the position of point guard.

Simply put, Rompza's a kid the other guys get along with and respect. Forget the size, he can play. This week the Chicago Whitney Young senior committed to Central Florida.

"I went down there and really enjoyed my visit," Rompza said. "They made me feel like I was at Whitney Young and they're moving in a positive direction."

Rompza may get to play against another Windy City point guard, Derrick Rose. If the Rose doesn't bloom too fully at Memphis, Rompza could re-unite against a former city foe. Regardless, Memphis gets credit for the UCF assist in this one.

"It's Conference USA, its Derrick Rose," Rompza said.

Can't you feel his energy already!

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