Questions Surround Aziz N'Diaye

Aziz N'Diaye recently moved to the United States from Senegal and landed at Lake Forest Academy in Illinois. Now the 7-footer is getting college interest, despite some academic issues.

It's not often that a prospect pops up just before the start of their senior season, but at Lake Forest (Ill.) Academy there's a new prospect in town. Aziz N'Diaye, a native of Senegal, is a new name that has surfaced among college coaches.

While his name has circulated, there are still a number of questions surrounding the talented 7-foot, 230-pound post prospect. The main issue right now is academics.

"To be honest schools have looked at him, but his situation academically is going to be up in the air," Lake Forest Academy high school coach Matthew Vaughn said. "We haven't sent his stuff into the clearinghouse yet."

"There hasn't been a whole lot of schools just recruiting with him. I think everybody knows it's going to be a wait and see depending on what gets through the clearinghouse and what doesn't."

Vaughn also coaches 2009 prospect Kyle Rowley, who is a 7-foot, 280-pound center, so a number of schools have been in to see both prospects. The Lake Forest Academy didn't name many schools, but he did point out two specifically that have inquired.

"We've had Kentucky, Georgetown and pretty much you name it come through and they are obviously interested in him as well, but they aren't really recruiting him at this point because they don't know if it's going to be worth the effort."

"I wouldn't say officially there's anyone that is sending letters. It's more like a wait and see approach. I've been real honest with coaches and said you're going to come in the gym and see this kid as well as Kyle, but right now we are just waiting and see."

The next step for N'Diaye is to take the SAT. There are tentative plans to take it later in the winter or even hold off until the early spring. With N'Diaye being from Senegal, Vaughn doesn't know which classes will transfer and which ones won't.

Despite all of the question marks, N'Diaye is an intriguing prospect because of his size, athleticism and ability to rebound the basketball.

"He has great size and good athletic ability," Vaughn said. "He's ferocious on the boards. He just goes after every rebound like it's his. He's a super hard worker everyday."

"He doesn't have a polished low post game," he continued. "He plays a little bit more outside because he has good mobility. Aziz has a huge wingspan and is very good around the rim. Rebounding and defensively, he's excellent."

Despite the talent, it's up in the air if N'Diaye will make it to the college ranks. If he can't get eligible, JUCO is the likely route.

"We've had a few people look at him and some people say not a chance and some people say you never know."

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