Rowley Picks Up Interest

After a recent move from Trinidad to the United State, Kyle Rowley is a name that is on a number of college coaches radar. The class of 2009 center already has three scholarship offers.

This time last year, Kyle Rowley wasn't getting much recruiting interest. But over the course of a year the7-foot, 280-pound center has improved and he's keeping his high school coach, Matthew Vaughn, busy.

"He had none last year, so it's been kind of a whirl wind and a lot of people are trying to get involved," the Lake Forest (Ill.) Academy coach said. "He's been offered by a couple of places."

"His game is much improved from last year and people that may have seen him play at the beginning of last year are shocked that division one schools are looking at him. The biggest difference is he's streamlined his body and he's gotten much thinner."

Now, Rowley has gained scholarships from a trio of schools: Southern Illinois, Baylor and Northwestern. He's also received interest from Purdue, Illinois, Wisconsin, Georgetown, Nebraska, Kentucky, Colorado, Georgia Tech and Marquette

Rowley has taken a pair of unofficial visits as well. Vaughn said they've taken him to visit Northwestern and Wisconsin multiple times.

The Trinidad native found his way to the United States through playing ball against Angel Garcia, who used to attend Lake Forest Academy, at a tournament in Puerto Rico.

"When he first came we thought he was more of a project and that it was going to be a couple of years, because he didn't have a lot of experience when he was in Trinidad," Vaughn said. "But he just kind of blossomed real quick, quicker than we thought."

"He's become more agile that's his biggest thing. Last year we could see he had some good skills and could be a good post player with a nice right hand and left hand. He likes contact and playing down low."

With Rowley being from Trinidad, the whole recruiting process is new to him and he doesn't have a great feel for the schools yet. So the plan is to wait out the process and continue to gain information.

"We have nothing close to a final list. He would be at the earliest a spring commitment and may not be until later next year."

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