Trent Enjoys Life At Findlay Prep

Clarence Trent popped up at Findlay Prep this year and he's on target for a big time junior season. We caught up with the 2009 prospect at a recent workout at the Henderson (Nev.) school.

Life is a little different for Clarence Trent these days. The 6-foot-8, 225-pound forward is at a new school, he reclassified to 2009 and he's working on his game harder than he ever has.

For Trent the changes, at least up to this point, have brought on nothing but positives. His experience at Henderson (Nev.) Findlay Prep is bringing out the best in him and he's improving his game and his work ethic.

"I love it here," Trent said. "It's real good. It's the most work I've ever done. I would work out with my brother a lot, but even the stuff that he taught me is about half of what we do here. I'm pretty sure there's more I need to learn, but it's going well here."

Playing alongside a bunch of talent is different for the former Gig Harber (Wash.) High standout. This year he's teammates with nine other division 1 prospects, including a bunch that will play at the high major level.

"This is real good, it's a lot harder," he said. "My mindset was, ‘I'm going to go into this how I normally do,' but first day of practice I found out early that if I do that then I'm not going to be playing. Coach told me if I don't bring it then I'm not going to play, and I want to play."

When Trent does hit the court this year, it'll be at a different position than he played this past summer. His coaches moved him back to the post, where he can use his power and athleticism to score around the basket.

In a recent workout, Trent looked impressive scoring with his back to the basket, but he's also capable of facing up and taking guys off the bounce. He'll use a mix of that this year for Findlay Prep.

"We talked earlier and coach has seen me play a lot and he said that I had a good perimeter game and that's where he wanted me to play," Trent said. "Then we got on the court and started practicing and he saw the power that I have and he said ‘we might need you inside.'"

"If coach needs me to play inside then I'll play inside," the class of 2009 standout said. "I just want to be on the court when it's game time."

College coaches will want to see Trent on the court too, as number of schools will file into gyms this winter to see the big man in action. Last year Trent was a coveted prospect and despite a brief set back he'll be the same this year.

"[Recruiting] is a little hazy right now because I reclassified, so a lot of schools have backed up and they don't know my grading situation," Trent said. "Everything is coming along though. I've been getting interest from a few - Oklahoma, Florida, UConn, UNLV and Kentucky."

Last year Trent took a handful of visits, including trips to Arkansas, where his uncle lives, and Washington. He hasn't taken any trips recently. Trent also mentioned that he lost his cell phone a month ago and it has caused him to get out of touch with college coaches.

The talented forward doesn't plan to make a college decision anytime soon. He does, however, know what he's looking for in a college, and that's a place where he can get time in the paint and on the perimeter.

"I'm looking for a school that gets up and down and a school where I can play inside and outside," Trent said.

Trent, who is rated as a four star prospect, put up big numbers in Findlay's first three games of the year. He currently averages 15 points and 11 rebounds.

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