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What's up with John Riek? Will anyone de-commit? What's the future hold? We address it all in this signing day feature.


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There are good recruiting stories and then there are great ones. For some reason, you just knew that a great recruiting tale would one day center around John Riek. The 7-foot post graduate student from The Winchendon School isn't going to sign early. Fact of the matter is he might not sign late but we'll get to that later.

Following a superlative-laced LeBron James Skills Academy, Riek blew up to the point where he may be regarded as the best long term big man prospect from the Class of 2008 contingent. Speculation about his age, where he'd attended high school and what grade he was actually in was fueled from July through September. Riek then skipped out on Our Savior in favor of Winchendon.

What's happened since he's enrolled at Winchendon has been pretty quiet that is until we heard a great story regarding Riek and the NBA. In all probability, Riek will be eligible for the draft next June. However, the league isn't ready to stamp him a full blown prospect just yet. Last month, three NBA teams pulled up to Winchendon to watch a practice. They never made it past the front door.

Right before the scouts were about to get out of their cars and watch Riek workout, a text message was sent from the league office to the scouts laying out what would happen if they watched a workout. According to our source, the NBA would fine each team $50,000 if it watched the workout that day. Needless to say, nobody went in the gym.

However, Riek didn't know the NBA guys weren't there and put on a show in front of Delaware head coach Monte Ross, whom Riek incorrectly thought was an NBA executive!

Will We Get Another De-Commitment?

"Somebody is going to; it's just a matter of who. It's in the water." Unfortunately, the assistant coach whom that quote won't be attributed to stands an excellent chance of being correct. Back in the day signing day on the basketball side represented one of the great formalities in the game.

In 2007, some people have to be flat out nervous. We won't name names, but we've heard the rumblings and believe me, coaches will be anxious to go before the assembled media and announce their high-profile signees.

What's 2009 Have In Store For College Basketball?

Favors Anchors 2009 Class
Get out your pencils, we're about to unveil our first team from the Class of 2009 and it's a great group. At point guard, out of Raleigh (N.C.) Word of God we'll go with the talented and taller (6-4 at least) John Wall. His running mate at the shooting guard slot is Xavier Henry, son of a former Kansas player.

Manning the small forward position is beastly strong Lance Stephenson, the biggest name in the Big Apple since "Bassy." The power forward position's top spot is held by Mississippi/Southern Cal product Renardo Sidney. And last, but not least, future franchise big man Derrick Favors out of Hotlanta!

Folks, these 5 guys can flat out get it done and their recruitments could alter the landscape of the conferences they consider. They're elite talents with big reps already and at some positions there are 2-3 challengers behind them!

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