Jones To The Big East

Kevin Jones kept everyone guessing. Now he's property of Bob Huggins who has a nice haul in Morgantown.

Early this morning around 2 a.m., a pair of recruiting analysts at called it quits. Our final duty before getting 5 hours of sleep: swap Kevin Jones predictions.

On a board in the office we each wrote our best two guesses. The results: West Virginia, Rutgers, Massachusetts and Pittsburgh. We didn't have a single guess in common. At that point, we realized Jones had everyone on their heels and the element of surprise had been achieved.

At a press conference at Mount Vernon, Kevin Jones picked West Virginia. Don't be surprised, this is Bob Huggins and you knew once he took over in Morgantown the Mountaineers would snag players. Joining Jones will be Roscoe Davis ( No. 59) and Darryl Bryant (3 star recruit).

"Kevin decided to go with West Virginia," Gerard Jones told "It came down to Huggs having the most experience with tweener players such as Kevin. He's been able to develop them and put them in the league. Plus, he can go to West Virginia and play right away; they can develop him into a 3. He wants to play in the Big East."

Pairing Jones and Davis together is a nice match. Jones can be the high-operator and Davis the worker inside with lots of energy and bounce. Bryant, he's one of the NYC tough guys.

"The visit was great; that was something else. Kevin knew all the players at West Virginia really well and he got along with every one of them. They were all his type of player – laid back but at the same time hungry. Kevin and "Truck" got real close."

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