Aldridge Has Early Leaders

Sure, it's early to begin thinking about juniors, but this one is ahead of the curve. LaMarcus Aldridge's unofficial visit tour has him in a position to decide before his senior year.

Visits Helped Shape Recruitment

Remember last spring and early summer when LaMarcus Aldridge went on an unofficial visit tour? Well, so far he's seen North Carolina State, North Carolina, Duke, Arkansas and Florida. The trip helped give him perspective on each of the schools.

"I wanted to see how they were because they would be some of the schools that I think I would want to go to," Aldridge said. "I wanted to see what the campuses were like."

As it stands now, Aldridge has his list trimmed to Arkansas and Florida. "Both had nice facilities and coaches. I got along with everyone everywhere."

But, Aldridge did say that he's going to make an unofficial visit to Texas in the coming weeks.

The big fella says he'll commit but on his terms. "I'll probably do it at the end of my junior year and beginning of my senior year. I'm trying to find a place where I can go in and start and I could have a team around me where we could win something."

Aldridge's reputation grew as his sophomore season progressed. He then turned in a string of solid efforts, beginning with the ABCD Camp. He was exposed to the best talent in the country but still, he found his greatest challenge coming from his home state.

When asked who the toughest player he faced last summer was, Aldridge didn't hesitate. "I'd have to say it would be Kendrick Perkins. He wasn't the best but he was the hardest because I had to hold up against the weight. On offense I was OK because I ran a lot."

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