Majok On Display In The States

Everyone's asking the same question: where are all the big guys? Well, the simple answer is there aren't many options worth pursuing. Last weekend we spotted Ater Majok, a Sudanese-Australian, and he's definitely a name to become familiar with.

Now that the dust has settled from the first signing period, we've got a pretty solid picture of how shallow the remaining talent pool is. Unless the junior college ranks yield a litany of winter surprises, big time college programs may need to think about mining the overseas talent for players 6-foot-8 or taller.

Last weekend, at the Bull City Classic, one of the top international talents was on display. Ater Majok, a power forward from Carlingford (Australia) American International School, laced them up with the Heat of Virginia.

The 6-9 Majok is on American soil into December where's basically on tour. "I just want to play basketball and get used to playing the same competition as me and get used to playing at a fast speed," Majok told While playing in the States, he's sending his school work back to Australia via the internet. At the same time, there's a scramble by U.S. colleges to lay eyes on him.

Maryland and Baylor have already hosted him on visits. The Terps trip was official while Baylor's was an unofficial visit. "I'm wide open," Majok said. "I'm still looking around. I visited Maryland and it was good but I'm kind of still looking around.

"Baylor's still on my mind. I like the coach. Baylor is in my Top 5 right now."

Baylor, St. John's and Auburn watched him Friday morning in a win over Stevens Prep. Majok played mainly inside and scored 15 points (7-8 FG), grabbed 12 rebounds and blocked 4 shots. In warm-ups and after the game when he shot around, it was clear there was more offense in his arsenal. In the contest, while dunking 5 times, he stroked a baseline jumper and there's reason to believe his skills will allow him to play facing the bucket.

"For me I'll play any position. It depends how the defense is playing me. Today, we kind of had a small team so I just went in the paint. Normally if we have bigs my height and they're slow, I'll play the (small forward) and take them off the dribble."

In addition to the Terps and Bears, St. John's, West Virginia, Georgia Tech and Rutgers are among a growing list of programs that have been in contact. Kansas will be out this week to see him as well.

"I want to play college basketball," Majok said. "Colleges these days, 6-9 guys go in the post. I'm not a post player. I like to handle the ball and I like to shoot. I like to bang and I'm going to look for somebody whose going to give me all that."

The well-spoken Majok appears to be the most attractive big man prospect on the board. He's got grades, potential and talent. Now he's got the attention of programs around the nation.

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