Famutimi's Options Are Plentiful

Olu Famutimi basically is looking at three schools right now. His AAU coach says that unless he can't find a winner after his next visit, he'll decide shortly after returning from a trip to Missouri.

Will He Need Just Three Visits? 

Olu Famutimi visited Arkansas and he tripped to Memphis. Now, on Oct. 25 he'll pay a visit to Missouri. After that, he should be able to reach a decision.

His AAU coach, Chris Grier, thinks that his top prospect will decide after the Missouri trip. "He gets emotional after every visit. I told him to see them all and then after you've seen them all give yourself a time date to make a decision. A few days after the Missouri visit he'll need to let me know if he wants to set up a visit to another school."

And if he wants to take another trip or two? "Kentucky and Florida," Grier said. "Kentucky came in and did a home visit. It was good. At that point, because it was so late, he didn't want to consider looking at other schools unless he knew he wouldn't go to one of the first three schools."

Florida has a player from Grier's program on its 2002-03 roster. "They would love to have him and they think he and Anthony Roberson have a greet relationship."

But, the fact remains that neither Kentucky nor Florida have a visit set up and might not receive one unless Olu can't decide between his three favorites. "There's really no leader. What he's trying to do is basically don't make an emotional decision until you've seen every school."

We asked Grier exactly what he thought would be important to Famutimi. "You have two phases: the academic side and the basketball side. On the athletic side, the most important things would be comfort with the coaches and or players and style of play. Is he comfortable with that style? Academically, not necessarily graduation rates but have you made a commitment to the academic support? What programs are in place to maintain and graduate? Olu likes animation and that's been big."

Grier said that Arkansas did the best job of selling Olu on academics. "They are the only the school that pointed [animation] out. They did a great job of showing him how they can accommodate that for him."

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