Faber Flying Below The Radar?

As programs scramble from coast to coast and beyond to find size, L.A.'s Krys Faber is a name that has popped up this winter.

These days college basketball coaches simply have look under every rock and loose stone for available big men. When you find a guy with size it's time to roll up the sleeves and do the homework required.

Enter Krys Faber. The 6-foot-10, 245 pounder out of Los Angeles Ribet bears more watching. According to his father, Krys exhibits signs of being a late bloomer.

"Through no fault of his own, he's kind of developed late," Kyle Faber told Scout.com. "Now we're looking at the late surge because of that reason. That's why some schools are coming to the table."

Faber visited Minnesota and Northern Illinois early. NIU had an assistant who was previously at Cal and is working Faber through that connection. Meanwhile, Cincinnati, Marquette and Connecticut have kept tabs on him. UConn's Jim Calhoun attended a fall workout.

"There are a number of other schools that are taking a second look. One of them is Washington State and (Krys is) just kind of trying to do well this season and see what else happens."

As a junior, Faber averaged 12 boards, 12 blocks and swatted 69 shots. He was recently named MVP of an event. "It's frustrating when people don't notice you," Faber's father said. "But, he's working hard and it's beginning to come around.

"Being a kid he wants to be up there with his peers. He wants to give the season a chance to step up his game and see what else he can generate; see if he can get up there with the big boys."

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