Henson's An Easy Prospect To Fall For

Junior John Henson doubled his point production since last year but that's not the sole reason to fall for him. The 6-foot-10 power forward has a lot of positives in his prospect column.

John Henson isn't your average high school recruit. The 6-foot-10 power forward out of Round Rock (Tex.) High ascended to No. 24 on the Scout.com list for 2009. Henson erupted. How he made the rise is the interesting tale of the story.

"It was between my sophomore to the end of this summer I probably grew 4-5 inches and that kind of really helped my game and made me able to do more," Henson. How many elite big men have roots as shooters and guards?

"My freshman year my coach put me in to shoot the ball," Henson said. "My sophomore year I was a shooter and I kind of transitioned down low. Now this year I've averaged 13 rebounds and 8 blocks." Mix in 24 points and for Henson, each season has been different than the year before … dramatically different.

"It's fun for me because I'm able to do a lot of stuff. Whatever I need to make the team win I could probably do."

Henson's background in different positions mixed in with such rapid growth was one component that led him to be ranked so high. As a prospect, he's got so many strong markers for success one simply can't over value his potential.

Taking it a step further, Henson's a 3.5 student. Once colleges found out that he lived in 5 different states he began to appeal to recruiters coast to coast. Henson was born in Greensboro, N.C., where his mother's family resides. Michigan and New Jersey are also on his list of former residences. "Texas is kind of home. I've liked here the longest; I lived in Memphis for 5 years but I was kind of young. I remember Texas the best."

Henson told Scout.com that everyone recruiting him has indicated they "are trying to recruit me to the fullest extent they can."

"North Carolina has been to my last (few) games. Coach Robinson was at a few games at a tournament and Coach Williams came too. They've been pretty high on the radar.

"I'd have to say North Carolina now but UCLA is starting to push and Texas is recruiting me pretty hard."

In a strange twist, Henson visited UCLA when it hosted Texas. That's a long way for a Texan to go and see his home-state club. "I like it, it's pretty nice (at UCLA). I met coach Howland, he's a good guy and I like him."

At the game, Henson also caught the eye of a few Texas staffers. "I was close to the floor and they saw me, it was pretty funny actually."

Henson's got the entire nation covered – UNC out East, Texas in the middle part of the country and UCLA from the West.

"All three have offered; UCLA, my coach is an alum. They came to watch me and after one practice they ended up offering me. They told me they are going to recruit me hard as hard as they can."

They aren't alone.

"I'm starting to like Texas A&M. Coach Turgeon came to my game on Friday and they're coming up on the list. Baylor is starting to push a little harder too. I have Corey Jefferson going there and that makes it easier too."

Add up the pieces to the Henson puzzle and you'll see he's one of the most recruitable (and talented) big men in the Class of 2009. What's not to like?

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