Only Villanova Visit Remains

Sometime in early November, a pair of Top Five prospects will make their college announcements in tandem. Will they go to college in tandem? That remains to be seen but we talked to Charlie Villanueva on Wednesday evening.

Wildcats Get Final Visit

Charlie Villanueva's college list remains at four: Indiana, Illinois, Seton Hall and Villanova. His final visit is with Villanova this weekend. Villanueva himself said that's it on the visit trail. There will be no more.

"I'll say all the schools are equal now," Villanueva said. "I'll make my decision before the season starts. Right now, it looks like Nov. 3. I think that's when me and Luol are going to commit together."

Committing together doesn't necessarily mean they'll be attending college together but if they do, Indiana is the only option for the pair. Recently, they visited Hoosierland together.

"It went pretty well. I liked it and I was impressed.

The Hoosiers didn't recruit Villanueva with the same summer intensity as the other schools, but the Brooklyn native doesn't concern himself with that. "It doesn't matter. I'm the one that was interested in them. They didn't know I was interested in them. Once they knew I was interested they got in on me. I was interested with Mike Davis and what he did to help Jared Jeffries."

We have information that Missouri and Duke could wind up fighting it out for Deng. However, Indiana is an interesting option for the both of them. "We started talking about that because Indiana was the only school that was recruiting us together and thought it wouldn't be a bad idea. The way Indiana plays, they don't play by position. They play four out and one in like we do at Blair."

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